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It’s popularity is one to write about, however upon entering this downtown Salt Lake City restaurant, we were overcome by a strong farmhouse type of smell. Now, the name Pallet, suggests farmhouse, however we did not expect to question the smell. It was a turnoff from the start.

Now, that being said, its homegrown feel is embraced by Edison light bulbs and reclaimed wood decor that transports customers to a nostalgic daydream of what visiting the dining table of your grandparents’ farm may be like as your adult self. Pallet is cozy, conversational and offers an early-1900s vibe.

Pallet’s bar reminds me of the Buckhorn Bar & Parlor in Laramie, Wyoming (established in 1900), due to its wood-framed mirror and small-town feel that could easily be the set of a Wild Wild West bar action scene.

The meatballs are a must try. We wanted to find something wrong with the the red sauce soup that accompanied the meat and parmesan deliciousness, but I couldn’t. In the interest of not letting anything go to waste, we ordered some bread to help soak up the leftover sauce, a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

The Elk is shipped in from Australia, not gamey and worth a try.

The dress code is casual.

The vintage typewriter in the hall leading to the bathroom is cool, however was out of ink, so we missed stamping our names so they would know that Straight Talk Food was there.

Our favorite part of the meal was the dry, buttermilk salad dressing atop farm-fresh vegetables and greens. The basil buttermilk salad dressing  appeared and tasted more like a salad rub than a creamy dressing. It was divine, and officially on the top of current “must-have” salads across the country. – we want that recipe!

Comments from the Peanut Gallery was our dessert of smoked chocolate ice cream accompanied by graham cracker, peanut nougat and edible flowers expressing hints of a s’more campfire minus the marshmallow. The peanut was overpowering.

Overall, the restaurant receives 3 stars. The ambience is nice, the food at a higher standard for Salt Lake City, but that smell… I hope it was just an off day.


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