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Located in Downtown, Asheville on 24 Wall Street, we thought we would give this restaurant a try after being touted in a National Magazine for being “the best restaurant in Asheville.” After all we love Wall Street and its location is ideal, so let’s re-try the food and see what’s up at this place.

We visited for lunch. There was no one to greet at the door, only a sign which said proceed to end of bar and someone will help you. Obviously, they only were seating at the back of the restaurant, and the service to start was underwhelming for a restaurant receiving such high honors.

We were starving. One look at the menu, and we knew this place was not for us. The wood-fired oven was beautiful to look at, and sitting at the back barstools, we thought perhaps Cucina 24 was on to something. The limited menu of salad, sandwiches, and pizza did not interest.

We enjoyed a glass of wine and a salad, and sadly had a progressive lunch that day, because the flavors even in our salad did not stack up. Best Restaurant? We disagree from the fall/winter 2017 publication which we will not name.

We love the location and the atmosphere. The staff was unprofessional. Now, we did go at lunch, and not dinner. However Michelin stars and Forbes Ratings do not come when it is convenient. One day we may go back to try dinner, but with this experience, it is hard to consider it with so many other great food places in Asheville. 

The question to be asked, was “The Best Restaurant in Asheville” writeup an honest review, or was it paid for. Somethings may not be as they seem.

The lunch menu was poor, and the service was ok.


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