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It is no secret one of my taglines is ‘Life is better with bubbles’, so of course I will be ringing in the New Year hand in hand with my husband with a fizzed glass clink and cheers to 2018. My social media feeds have been filled with posts attempting to inspire with questions such as: what is your word for the next year, what are you releasing to make room for something else, or what goals are you committing to. I will answer all of those in this post – bubbles. I want you to say the word out loud (Bubbles) and try not to smile- it is nearly impossible. I don’t care if you drink champagne or not, life could be better blowing bubbles like you did as a kid. So for 2018, I my motto will live up to its fullest potential, because I am not going to rob joy from this coming year.

This year, I can guarantee this – There will be more food reviews and champagne toasts, travel articles, and a lot of attention to health and wellness. The reality, life can’t be taken too serious, and the fun and laughter must go on. Work hard, play hard, and if I can offer you one piece of advice, drink a glass of bubbly at one of these beautiful destinations, it will be an experience you won’t regret.

  • The Roof Gardens – If you find yourself in London, this is a must visit for a sip of Champagne. I love Europe, perhaps because they love bubbles as much as I do, and this rooftop garden embraces a setting worth a toast. Complete with chilean flamingos, you will welcome the ravishing outdoor ambience, plus, Richard Branson and Virgin created this masterpiece.
  • Battery Park Book Exchange – Asheville, North Carolina, a place that will always hold a very special place in my heart is also home to one of my favorite Champagne bars. You see, the bar is a bookstore offering delicious coffee and of course, bubbles! If it is nice outside sit on the perimeter of the Grove Arcade. They serve champagne right, beautiful flutes and ice buckets to compliment their taste in the finer things.
  • Rosas & Xocolate – A place to embrace the essence of love, this boutique hotel is all its name suggests and more. With a rooftop bar offering live jazz several nights a week, as well as a Sunday brunch on it’s patio, this is the perfect place to raise a glass of champagne with the one you love.
  • Le Dokhan’s Bar – If caviar, foie gras, and champagne are your speed, then enjoy the tranquility and class of this Paris hotel bar offering 240 bubbly selections. Lit by candlelight, the sommelier uses his expertise to help you choose not only your champagne, but your glass too!  
  • Flûte – Once a speakeasy in Midtown, Manhattan during Prohibition days, this beneath-the-stairs hideaway is perfect for sipping bubbly and intelligent conversation. I recommend reserving a table prior, as you know, hot spots in New York City fill up fast.
  • Champagne Central – Visiting Glasgow in Scotland? Then you must visit Champagne Central, an elegant bar overlooking Central Station. While I was there I imagined myself as Audrey Hepburn in a classic black and white movie. The champagne list is top notch for those that can appreciate the art of bubbles.
  • Pops for Champagne – With over 250 Champagne selections, this renowned Chicago bar offers one of the largest bubbly menus in the states. Experience Magnum Monday’s, where a new label is chosen each week for tasting. This icon was the first of its kind in the windy city-  open since 1982.

Now if you will not be in one of these cities this year, don’t worry – everyday there is always a reason to celebrate, so open a bottle of bubbly in the comfort of your home- alone or surrounded by friends or family. Here is a list of a few of my favorite’s.

Sparkling Wine

Janzs Vintage Rosé – The color is a beautiful sparkling pink and the flavor is first class, one newcomers and vintage drinkers will all enjoy. Approximately $25.

Beach Bubbles

Moet and Chandon Ice Imperial – Made to drink on ice, this champagne offers an exquisite taste, and is my go to at the beach. Typically around $50-75. If you cannot find it in your local liquor store, it is available in many international airports- hence how I discovered it cloudsurfing.

Feel Like Splurging

Krug Collection 1981 Full of life and the first time Krug was blended with mostly Chardonnay grapes. Not easily found.

May your life be better with bubbles this coming year.

Cheers to 2018,



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