Cloudsurfing, is what I call “flying”, aka my spirit animal…

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Heartfelt notes to provide a little joy and remind that all can be overcome.

White fluffy clouds appear as cotton painted in the sky, 

as if I could leap from cloud to cloud and embrace the fluffiness around me…

At 10 years old, my dad took me on my first airplane. Back in the days of warm meals in coach class, I ate quiche for my first time. The food was rubbery, however the experience shaped my love for travel.

I fell in love with flying. I had always loved experiencing new things, and this mode of transportation could take me anywhere. From that first flight, I knew I would always travel. In high school I studied travel and tourism becoming a travel agent at 17. My first boss, Gypsy, taught me a respect and love for the industry. At 19, I was accompanying business groups on conferences and went on my first Disney cruise. This was the life. Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, California, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Bahamas, L.A., Denver, Kalispel, Seattle, New Jersey, Chicago, and more in just a few short years.

In my mid twenties I started traveling with my father to conferences. It was in those years, I realized how inspired I would get on flights. Reading, writing, and creating optimism in business or discussing new opportunities. Flying among the clouds made me feel alive.

Today, the destination in the air is what happens in the clouds. Sometimes I read and other times I write. I am often reminded of memories or inspired to #dreambigger. My Father and I have had many great conversations on airplanes. For those of you who don’t know my dad, he has an incredible story. He has taught me that in the face of adversity you have a choice. You can choose to act or to not. He taught me that I can choose. Choose to be a victim or choose to be a victor. And in my choices, dreams can come true.

My mom and dad married young and have experienced joy, fear, love, and trial and tribulations. My mom gave my dad stability, and my dad knew he could do anything if he believed in himself.

My dad inspired me to travel. And in turn I am often reminded of him as I cloud surf. If I can think it and believe it, I can achieve it. The clouds connect me. Without distractions, I can take this time to feel, to believe, and to dream. It’s my personal fluffy paradise. A place I can look out on the horizon and remember who I am, what I stand for, and what I want.

I thank my dad for the gift of travel. Traveling inspired me to dream bigger. Today my dreams continue to get bigger and one day I will return the gift to my parents with an incredible cloud surfing adventure.

Traveling has been a huge part of my life, and will continue to be so. I joke that my office should be in an airplane, and perhaps I will start a new co-working net jets type of company for people like me to converse and create at thirty thousand feet.

Until then I hope you will join me on my travel & lifestyle blog and discover the world through my eyes.

On my final descent, I write these words to inspire, encourage, and recommend new experiences and new adventures.

Cheers to Cloud Surfing…


(Also known as Cloudsurfer, Fruit Stripes, and Roos)