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From travel stories to personal writing… happy #cloudsurfing.

Cloudsurfing Miranda Allfrey
Cloudsurfing to the edge of the earth.
Sisal Yucatan Mexico Miranda Allfrey
This Undiscovered Yucatán, Mexico Tour Is More Magical Than A Fairy Tale


7 Sinful Eateries You Must Try In Asheville

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Do you love food and going out to great restaurants? Well, Asheville, North Carolina is paradise for those who love local, non-chain restaurants. And If you have a sweet tooth, love Southern chicken, or enjoy fine dining, you must check out the following seven sinful eateries in Asheville.

Letting go of 12 Surgeries, Cancer, Heartbreak, and Saying Yes

Miranda Allfrey Writer

We never know what life is going to throw at us. I’ve experienced heartbreak and turmoil, and the past two years have been about regrowth of spirit. I’m saying yes, staying open. Experiencing and living life, because the alternative for me, is hibernation. And I don’t like the thought of not tasting the air, new food, or wine during hibernating periods.

Discover Hidden TREASURES

Lost Bordeaux Grape Found in Chile : Meet Carménère

carmenere grape chile Veramonte WInery

Do you love medium bodied red wines? If Malbec or Cabernet are grapes you enjoy, may I introduce you to Carménère. A grape originally from the Bordeaux region of France, that is making its comeback in Chile.

Maui, Art in True Form

Maui Hawaii

Mother Nature’s art form of crops and humpback whales in Maui rivals the masterpiece culinary dishes of these award winning Chefs. This craft is a form of communication. A perfect blend of art and love. Food is people glue, enriching the soul…

There's a better BEACH...

The Ocean Calls; Five Yucatán Beaches Answer

Sisal Mexico

Wooosh. Sleeeewwww. The serenade of the ocean water is a soothing sound.

A crest of a wave takes a breath at the peak of the moment before rolling into the shoreline. An intimate exchange of energy as the water kisses the sand and slowly drifts alway. It says hello and goodbye in seconds, and then rinses and repeats eternally.

See The Virgin Islands By a Different Light

william thornton british virgin islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands by boat on turquoise waters tell a different story. Sea turtles flirt with you as you sip your morning coffee, manta rays skillfully play hide and seek on the sandy ocean bottom floor during morning snorkels, and picturesque views of open water, will shed a different light on vacationing in these warm Caribbean waters.