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If you look closely, there is an iridescent color display of the soft rain falling from the smoky mountain sky of Western North Carolina. The refreshing drops against the majestic trees eagerly awaiting spring buds to shed the deep winter cold. The disappearing of breath in the air is a taste of spring to come.

The conversation of these mountains feels rich. Songs of the ocean speak to me, while the spirit of the mountains create depth. The comfort of nature also sparks an uncomfortableness. Pondering the question, what is the difference between good and great, I stared through the branches at the blanket of soft, misty clouds. 

How could I sum up good to great in three pages or even a word? Is the idea of greatness surrounded by change, ideals, habits, or friends. As the kiss of spring on the horizon, I welcome the in between of the seasons. And it is this moment that beckons the thought of greatness as a feeling. 

As Winnie the Pooh once said, “you don’t spell love, you feel it.” Complications of combining the thought process and feelings can take away the magic. Allowing feelings to flow, the good ones, the bad ones, or the indifferent ones, can all be scary at times. It makes us vulnerable, and in a place where we could easily excel or be hurt. 

Each day, just like today, is made up of moments and choices: what you eat, how you spend your time, who you spend time with, and what you can do today that can make you a little bit better than you were yesterday. And as sun rays peek through the clouds and the blue sky is exposed, it sheds a different light. A new feeling and a different hug of warmth. 

One part mystical sky, combined with a quarter part wind and a dash of blue sky make up this moments horizon. All equally important to nature’s well being, just as life’s trials and tribulations are to us. Some days are cloudy, some days are complete sunshine, and some days will be pouring rain. Each day is a choice of how we embrace or react to our surroundings. The interaction with our feelings is where the magic is at. 

There is story to be told by leaving our comfort zone at least once a day, yet there is a profoundness in allowing our feelings to flow freely. Good to great is in the vulnerability. Embrace the moments and the feelings, and watch your greatness unfold.

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