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Splash. A humpback whale arched its tail 27 times approximately a mile off shore of the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui. It’s magnificent body breached out of the warm salty waters of the Pacific. Whale season in Hawaii is nothing short of spectacular. This time of year is absolutely breathtaking, from the mountains to the sea, Mother Nature feels happy and in harmony. 

Kumu Farms Maui - Celebrity Chef Tour

Perhaps that is why the local farm fresh flavor of the food of Maui tasted impeccable. A tour of Kumu Farms left an impression of papaya, purple potatoes, and a variety of lush crops. Here, food is sacred – no detail is spared in the preparation of the land, to the seed, to the harvest. Kumu believes in honest food. What is consumed in the body is important to them, and they take extra measures to produce only the best. In cooperation with Chef Michael Lofaro and Chef Ryan Urig with the Grand Wailea, Kumu donates unused, perishable food to a local food program.

Photo Credit: Grand Wailea Resort

Photo Credit: Grand Wailea Resort

This time of year is also the James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef Tour, celebrating food and its honesty. Celebrity Chefs from across the United States come together to honor the food of the islands with their own unique spin. Everything from Grilled Octopus to Foie Gras with Spam grazed the tables. Wine pairings, locally caught fish, hand crafted cocktails, slow braised pork, and macaroni salad all tempting the senses. 

The Chef Tour honors James Beard, the “Dean of American cookery”. Beard a pioneer foodie who put America on the global gastronomy map, created a legacy of quality and pureness of food, which lives on through this event. Spreading love and culinary heritage, this annual Hawaiian celebration of respectable, locally-fresh ingredients mixed with Hawaiian culture, mesmerize.

James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour Maui

Photo Credit: Grand Wailea Resort

2016 Chefs included Michael Voltaggio (Top Chef Season 8 Winner), Jonathan Waxman (JBF Award Winner), Hubert Keller (JBF Award Winner), Kristen Kish (Top Chef Season 10 Winner and Co-host of Travel Channel’s 36 Hours), and Richard Blais (Top Chef: All Stars Winner). 

Mother Nature’s art form of crops and humpback whales in Maui rivals the masterpiece culinary dishes of these award winning Chefs. This craft is a form of communication. A perfect blend of art and love. Food is people glue, enriching the soul. 

There is more to life than meets the eye, and the untold stories of the sacred soil of this land continue to allure people together for meals, conversations, explorations, and cultural experiences year-round. 

Grand Wailea Resort - Maui Beach

Photo Credit : Mandy Allfrey

With postcard perfect beaches, mountains, and sunsets, Maui’s beauty is breathtaking. The birthplace of the world’s humpback whale offers renewal to one’s spirit, and kicks off the nations most respected food tour. It is a place of new discovery and new opportunity. 

The conversation of ocean wonders and mother earth’s creations come together in Maui for art at its truest form.  

Whale season in Hawaii runs from December – March 

James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour – January/February each year – visit tour dates @

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