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Conversation flowing on the bow of the boat, as the moon’s reflection glistens on the ocean water and dances with the heartbeat of the stars. The magic a mystery, as moonlight kisses the skin and soothes from a day in the sun in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Beautiful beaches and swaying palms, embrace the moon by night.

The U.S. Virgin Islands by boat on turquoise waters tell a different story. Sea turtles flirt with you as you sip your morning coffee, manta rays skillfully play hide and seek on the sandy ocean bottom floor during morning snorkels, and picturesque views of open water, will shed a different light on vacationing in these warm Caribbean waters.

  St John US Virgin Islands

Rejuvenating, relaxing, and intoxicating, the USVI is a place for adventure. Cruise to Norman Island (part of the British Virgin Islands) for lunch on the beach at Pirate’s Bight, and have an afternoon laugh or cocktail on The Willy T (Not a place for children).  Morning cruising from bay to bay will build your endurance and your confidence as you get out of your comfort zone as you test the inner sailor inside of you.  The sights and sounds of mother nature allow you to escape thoughts of your day to day. Traffic on the open water is minimal, providing the feeling you are in a different and magical world. william thornton british virgin islands

By day, the warm salty air invites laughter, play, and dolphins breaching in the dance birth of a baby porpoise. Tropical fish and expansive coral fans on display beneath the turquoise waters intoxicate the breath of life of an unknown ocean society. The warm, bright sun of the days are spectacular, and the options are endless.

And when the night takes over, a new feeling takes hold. Boats perched on mooring balls for the dark nights rest allow the rock of soothing waves to mesmerize.  With stars brightening the night sky, there is a sense of discovery, the unknown, opportunity, and rejuvenation.

Virgin Islands Sailing

For a thallssophile, a person who loves the ocean, the U.S. Virgin Islands is the promise of everything to come. By boat, your perception of the islands and the beckoning ocean, change. Looking outwards from a beach, there is an inviting view of turquoise-turned blue ocean water and islands in the distance. Looking inward from a boat, your view expands to palm-tree lined shores, deserted beaches, ruins, rolling hills of lush foliage, and expansive open waters. The moonlight reflecting off the water can be summed up like this:

Falling from the sky 

Brightness falls forward 

Begging for a glimpse 

Trickling its magic

Heartbeat of the stars

Shimmering into existence 

Dusting of the moon

Glistening the water 

Stillness of the night

Soothing the soul

Embracing the depth 

Kisses of warmth

Adding angelic glow 

Connecting the heavens

Feeding the heart

Hugged by the dance

The dance of the ocean and its atmosphere speak to you, providing a depth worth exploring. The moments of quiet solitude meshed and heart flowing conversation, meshed with open air, allow space to find the star that sparkles the most inside. Sometimes all we need is a different light.

Virgin Island Tips:

Passport: Not required for the U.S. Virgin Islands, required for the British Virgin Islands.

Favorite Island: St. John

Best Airport: St. Thomas

Best Dinner Experience: Zozo’s @ Caneel Bay Resort

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