Will You See The Gift?

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Today I had a messenger. A reminder of the simple portrait painted in my mind about the pure beauty of life.

When we are reminded of precious existence, we change. Some for the good, some for the worse. The attitude, our choice. The eyes we see the world through either closed or open wide. Halfway does not exist with the eyes that see.

We all smile, we all shed tears, and no one is different than you or me. We are all given chance. Provided with a heart, a mind, a body. Each day is filled with a gift, if we can step outside of us and allow it to transpose.

Today my gift was a gentle reminder of just being. You see everyday may not be a love letter, however everyday should be lived as one. Love is all around us, inside of us, and our personal touch to mankind may never be known.

Today my messenger reminded me that we all have circumstance. Decisions from the past that we may not be proud of, however, that have shaped our character. And it is from that we have built a foundation of values.

Life is beautiful. Life has blessed me with opportunity to seize so many moments. And the strength to endure, not to mention, to love.

Too often we get lost in the outside world. Caught up in deadlines or even our smart phones. We forget to be, or to allow.

We may fall in love, or we may lose a friend. Perhaps we just get lost for while, or feel we need to run and hide. Life happens to all of us. Happy, sad, heartbreak, and joy. Ups or downs, each of us experience it all. No ones pain insignificant or under-valued, and no ones joy more.

The beauty of life is the ebb and flow of it all. However, we can only see the beauty if we open our hearts and our minds. To simply be present with the moments of doubt, wonder, or merriment is a gift. To be reminded of the beauty of it all by a messenger- a blessing.

Life ends and life begins each day for someone on earth. Smiles, laughter, and tears will embrace and inspire all over the globe. Do you find your glass half empty or half full?

It is your choice to choose to see the beauty or not. Today challenge yourself to find the positive instead of the negative. A new perspective could open up your mind and quite possibly your world.

Be present. There are gifts all around, from conversation to unsolicited encounters, even the stillness. Allow the gifts to present themselves, and most of all recognize your own strength and your own beauty.

May your dreams be wishes your heart makes…


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