'7 Adults-Only Romantic Places To Stay in the U.S.”

Water is powerful. Naturally energizing, it centers and expands our state of mind. The secret health benefit of the beach is the water. The salt water provides nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to our body, both inside and out, along with naturally purifying the ocean air which we breath. The water acts a support system or stabilizer to our environment, drawing from our energy and removing the negative within. Studies have shown people are happier near the water, making the case for the health benefits of visiting the beach.

Our oceans connect our cultures, carrying the stories of time and washing things anew on shores across the globe. The water ways are the direct route between civilizations and one quaint beach town, Sisal, Mexico, was a powerhouse port for the capital city of Merida. The deeply rooted historic feeling of waters are part of the sense of charm in this beachside community.
Water tells a story. The crest of a a wave is the highest positive outlook of its reach, quickly disappearing to the trough, it’s lowest, negative point. The water feels all the highs and all the lows, and ebbs and flows with change. It is pure and simple in its movement, and fluid in its dance
Water is the most misunderstood natural element in the world. Our oceans make up 97 percent of the Earth’s water and span over 70 percent of the planet. Water is our largest life source. Human bodies are made up of over 95 percent water, and as babies mature in the womb, they swim in water. From the beginning, we are strongly aligned with the energy of water and emotionally drawn to its mindfulness.
Yes, the sun, sand, and climate aid in the health benefits near the shore, however the magical ingredient is water. The ocean hues, the reflection, the temperature, the stillness, and the rolling waves speak to us even when we don’t recognize the words.  All of us need water to survive, where is your perfect water’s edge?


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