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You can ask yourself why. Why me? Why now? Why not? Or, why am I doing this? The depth of this three letter word packs a punch, making it one of the most powerful words that can stir the deepest emotions.

There are many things we may never understand. We question , “why?”, when something breaks up the ordinary. 

Asking why can bring tears to the eye, stabbing pain to the heart, or a smile to the face. It is often hard to comprehend why things happen to us or around us. 

The overused buzzword, disruptor, is a great definition of what “why” is. Why alters things, from beliefs and opinions to passion and dedication.

Dwelling on why can be negative, and damaging to the fiber of our being. Yet discovering our why, can be impactful and monumental. 

It is easy to reflect on life’s experiences or circumstance and ask why. Why did this happen, why did this not happen, why did I have to go through that, why can’t I have that? 

Simon Sinek’s book and TedxPugentSound talk about discovering our why are very powerful. Many leaders have recognized this insight and have shifted company values to allow insight and emotion into what they do. 

This concept has taken marketing departments of small businesses and non-profits by storm. And this is where the why can become damaged. It is really easy to speak the why out loud, however to back it up or understand can be difficult.

Whether personal or professional, the why is a statement. It defines us. If we ask why and dwell on what we don’t have, we increase the negative that surrounds us. If we let the why stir the passion inside, it can drive us.

Every business should have a why. It should be branded into the corporate identity. 

Individuals should have a why. A reason to pursue their dreams, or fight for something. 

A reminder of integrity, the why combines values and beliefs with the heart. It is the reason we get out of bed, work late nights, or fight for what we want. The negative why has no room to breathe on its own. It has to be fed. The why driving you also needs to be fed… continually. It is not a one time statement or corporate paragraph. Your why is consistent with your beliefs and values.

It’s amazing the impact these three letters have. W-H-Y is emotionally challenging. It is positive and negative, and it is your choice to let it make it an impact, either way. 

Challenge your integrity by revisiting your why. Or challenge your why by revisiting your integrity. Don’t just say your why, back it up with action. Your why is important – go get it. 

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