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'7 Adults-Only Romantic Places To Stay in the U.S.”

Lovers chairs line the parks located around Mérida, mysteriously connecting heartstrings to a deeper love. Smiles of those conversing both verbally and through a touch of lips, can’t help but warm the soul.

Romance in Mérida is real. From history to gastronomy, the place known as the ‘white city’ has been a creation of stories untold for years. The intimate family values remain one-of-a-kind, meshed with the passion the Yucatecans possess, Mérida is a purely magical place.



A place for lovers to escape, to reconnect, Mérida has much to offer a couple. An afternoon spent in decadence at the Rosas y Xocolate hotel and spa is a must if you are looking for relaxation, or to surprise your significant other with a breathtaking afternoon. The atmosphere will leave you feeling as if you have found a slice of heaven, all while chocolate drizzles add exotic memories to smile about for years to come.

When the stars come out, the moon sheds new light on the city. Evening cocktails or wine on the patio of Piedra de Agua, overlooking the beautifully-lit Merida Cathedral, will spark a spiritual connection to your loved one. Brightening chance looks or the dance of your star-gazed eyes.

Holding hands in a horse drawn carriage while taking in the sights and street vendors will warm your heart and make you squeeze each other a little deeper.

If you are looking for isolation and a place where time stands still, Club de Patos, located at the waters edge in the small fishing village of Sisal, is just what the doctor ordered. Located approximately 45 minutes from Mérida, the small boutique hotel offers an incredible picture-perfect palm tree pool setting where getting lost into rediscovering each other’s hopes, dreams, and desires stops the hands of time.

sisal yucatan mexico flamingos

With ocean waves lapping the shoreline within ears distance, to palm trees and pink flamingos painting the skyline, Club de Patos takes the idea of romance to a new level.

If chocolate were a theme for your romantic rendezvous, a visit to Xi Xocolate in Santa Lucia square for a hot cocoa, chocolate cigar, or brownie will let your sweetheart indulge into a secret love affair. Wine at La Tratto, dinner at Apoala, or dessert of roses and ice cream at Rosas y Xocolate will not disappoint.

Whether it’s beach or city, Mérida is the place to fall in love again. The depth of your love will come to life, sparking passion. Leave room for the unimaginable, allowing your heart to serenade each beat again with the one you love. And whatever you do, take a moment to sit in a lovers chair, look into each others eyes, and kiss like you’ve never been kissed before.

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