'Virgin River’ Meets ‘Gilmore Girls’ At These Top 7 Hometown Inns To Pop The Question “Will You Marry Me?”

New York, New York- this concrete jungle has put a spell on me. Each time I arrive, it feels as if a serendipitous moment is about to make its way into city experience.

New York PalaceI find myself in a love affair with the city. Today, I live in the South, in the small mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina. It is green, beautiful, and full of amazing food. Asheville has been named top ten lists for the happiest people, however I think that New Yorkers have something special that most don’t understand.

The people of New York are tough. Often looked at as hard and rough around the edges, the first to curse and the first to show up. What do I mean? I saw something so special on this business trip. I sat back and watched the people in the city, interact with friends, and strangers who became friends.

The beauty of the view left an impression of a pure heart on me. I found the soft side of New Yorkers, the side the world does not look for. Yes the people of this city can be abrupt, pushy, and even nasty, however they are the first to show up, to show you hospitality, and to give you a hug when you need it most.

There is something special about this city. It is nonstop. It is intense. Everyone wears black. In elevators, people don’t converse, and when it is time to get something done they are serious. Despite all of that, New Yorkers know how to pick people up. They find a lost soul, a wounded bird, or do the right thing.

A new friend of mine, delivers his leftovers to the homeless. Instead of wasting the food, he gives it away to someone who may just need a hand up. A pure hearted man I am honored to know, and lucky enough to converse and work with.

A stranger in minus 5 windchills picked up my scarf that had fallen as I crossed 5th Ave, and brought it to me. Looked me in the eye and said ma’am I believe this is yours, and keep yourself warm.

Another friend met me for dinner and filled me with inspiration and joy with her generous hospitality and deep conversation. As we laughed over a glass of wine, I came to see how connected this world we live in really is.

I was able to meet some incredible people on this trip. The generosity and conversation over each meal shared with associates and friends truly made me look at the city in a different light. Every trip to New York has been special to me, and this one was no exception to that. This trip turned magical.

From the accommodations at the New York Palace Hotel to over-looking meet-cutes, this city took me deeper than I have ever been. This trip was not about shopping, or sightseeing, it was business, and yet it opened my imagination and mind beyond belief.

yellow rose new york This trip was a first for me, where I took on a the city and making new friends everywhere I went. I am so grateful for New York and my time there. I feel blessed to have the serendipitous moments. My room service delivered a small yellow rose in a glass. It was precious and reminded me of my grandmother. She loved yellow roses, and she was a fashionista in her day. The history of the yellow rose is optimistic and serendipitous on character, making it the complete package. It was the perfect representation of the three days spent in the city.

New York is full of gentle giants. Skyrises and people that are standing up for what they believe in. They are dreamers, doers, and lovers. They say virginia is for lovers, however I say New York is for lovers. It’s mysterious, lovely, and matter-of-fact all at once.

Words were the subject of this trip. There were greetings, apologies, business, and genuine growth exchanges. The words and their meanings meant so much to me. I took in every single word,  surprised at the depth, intensity, and joy it all brought to me.

New York has deep roots, and so do its residents. This resident like éxperience actually made me appreciate this city at a depth I did not know I could.

I’m flying home to the south where it is -4 with humidity, bone-chilling cold. New York was unusually cold, however it warmed my heart and helped me realize – it’s time to expand. Time to take on the dreams my heart has wished, and time to be the one tap dancing under the lights.

Thank you New York. The sketchy wind landing, the embrace of everyone I came in contact with, and the new discoveries, have all made an impact. You left me better than when I arrived, and for that I thank you. You practiced Genshai, never treating another in a manner that feel small. You treated me like a Princess, so I thank you. May New York always be a part of my journey. Because it is never about the destination, but always about the journey.

New York, my love affair with you continues. May you always be close to my heart. May you always inspire, and may you always embrace the newcomers, the lovers, and the dreamers.

Until we meet again. You have stolen a part of my heart. Although many think you are hard and unreal, I believe you are exactly the right mix of love, laughter, and light. You inspire me, you need me, and you welcome me with open arms. Thank you!


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