2019 shattering open

A Winter's Breath,

Nostalgia flooded memories filled my mind today as enjoyed the last meal of 2018. Cheese melted on French bread held a hamburger patty which hinted of my grandmother’s kitchen. The wood-paneled wall and vinyl covered 50’s diner chairs recalled dinners on the farm. The dive restaurant was the perfect spot to reflect upon 2018. Today is the day of the year we close the door on all that was in the past 365 and look ahead to what is new. Many choose a word to intoxicate their new year’s goals and dreams or write down resolutions to spring themselves forward, but this year I’m reflecting on my heart shattering open.

It feels as though the past 12 months were a magical antiqued gold key that unlocked the floodgates of my ticker. Both love and pain opened and closed chambers where broken pieces needed mending and light needed to shine on a little brighter. Every year we face challenges unforeseen and received unexpected gifts. I’m grateful for the experiences because I learned more about making sure I was taking care of me.

I’ve been sleep deprived and questioned time spent. I’ve laughed and soared the clouds. The imperfect year has given me gratitude of all that is and was. Things broke while others were healed. Love wrapped its arms around me and let go, and my eyes cried in happiness and sadness.

2018 I shattered open. It was a year of progression to shattering, breaking open, and being in alignment with all that nurtures and supports my highest best self.

Breaking open was vulnerable.

The depth of the year will carry me into 2019 with perspective and following my true north.

As we close the door on 2018, may we thank the pain and sorrow and sadness for the journey. And may we honor the love and goodness of all it brought. As you greet the new year with a toast or a kiss, may you wish one thing you want to say yes to doing and one thing you need to say no to in 2019.

May you fall in love with your life. It’s imperfect perfection.

May you see with fresh eyes.

May you love with a gracious heart and speak from your soul.

Stay in your magic and 2019 will be your year.

Happy New Year’s 2019!

Cheers to you.

Love ❤️,

Mandy 🙂

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