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There are seasons.

Seasons of joy, seasons of sorrow, seasons of pain, and seasons of hope. In this season of giving, I can’t help but feel the tear slip from my eye as I contemplated the words I wanted to write in my annual Christmas wish. 


Hues of pink crested the mountain early on this first day of December, as I sat in front of the fireplace with my hands wrapped around a warm mug. My heart needed to ink all the feels of 2018. A year full of challenge, opposition, and growth, is also one of gratitude, even through the ups and downs. It is funny how we can plan, or dream, or think we know how something will turn out in our lives, and then one day something changes on a dime, and we have no choice but to alter our course or readjust the plan. The unexpected can show up in forms of love, laughter, tears, sadness, joy, pain, loss, and so much more. 


Reflecting on the year, I am grateful for connection

Connection to friends and family, and friends who are family. My cup was filled with clinks of champagne flutes, soulful conversations over tea or coffee, and inspiring conversations over culinary delights. In the hard times, I had loved ones to call on to allow my tears to flow, and in exciting moments the same.
I sit in appreciation for each one of you in my life, near and far. You all provided a special moment or memory that will forever stay in my soul. As I said in my book, life is a collection of beautiful moments. I hope 2019 rewards with more moments and memories to carry with me through this life. This year I’ve come to value and embrace love in all its forms. And embrace the vulnerability that brings.


Moving through the experiences this year has brought, allowed all the feels that come with love. The heart is not always beating in a rapid fire of happiness. It can also feel like a phantom stole its tick. Throughout the year each one of us has things we wish we could have changed, done differently, or been able to hold on to more of. It’s all part of life, the good, the bad, and the indifferent. 


As we enjoy the season of giving, may we all breathe and do and be love. May we show kindness and grace and compassion.


Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is compassion and gratitude. Love is living life doing what we love and with the people we love. Love is time. Love is connection. Love is embracing all the feels.
Can we all make this a December to remember by being and bringing more LOVE


My Christmas wish to you and yours is you choose to honor and be love. 


Bows and ribbons and gift cards will not provide the meaning and feeling of the season.


May we show and give love.


  • Gift time. 


  • Give connectedness. 


  • Turn off the TV and social media and sharing laughter. 


  • Create more memories. 


  • Inspire deeper conversation. 


Christmas morning may you fill your cup with cheer and laughter, and handwritten cards to express your love and gratitude for the people in your life. 


Will you be present in every Merry Christmas you speak with a smile beaming for your heart. 


To you and yours, I wish you love. I wish you time. I wish you connection.


May we all love a little more this holiday season. 


Merry Christmas to all. 


With Love, 


Mandy 🙂
mandy murry christmas wish

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