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In my opinion – and you do not have to agree at all – there is no better way to learn something from experiencing it. That is how I got to know French culture and history, wine industry, Burgundy gems, and much more on a trip I had several months ago. Even though unable to document it properly, with stunning photos (I blame Apple for that), I’d like to share some tips that could be useful if you ever decide to visit this central-eastern France area. 5 things you should know about wine tasting in burgundy:

It’s Not Opened Always and for Everyone

Unlike tasting events in, for example, California, those in France are not as welcoming. What I mean by this is that you cannot just come inside and expect to have people pouring you glasses and glasses of wine. Wine tastings in Burgundy are thoroughly organised, happen in groups and have the agenda. Of course, this does not mean they will not be kind and at your service, it’s just the way of operating.

wine tastingReservation Is Obligatory

By following the previous point, if you want to taste wine in Burgundy wineries, you have to make a reservation. Those tastings happen in small groups, last for an hour or so, depending on the winery, and have a pre-made list of wines you will be able to try (and buy later on). My decision was to visit Chateau de Pommard, where tasting experience lasted for 45 minutes and included 5 wines. The price was 20 euros, which is more than suitable for one such event, especially compared to the costs of the wines you get to try. All in all, an incredible experience worth the money. So, don’t waste your time and go find the winery you want to visit.

Yes, You Can Communicate in English

French people are well-known for protecting their culture and language in every way possible. Per under, while in France, you will find yourself having a one-way conversation in English. You’ll get the response – but in French. However, I was very delighted to see that English was well-spoken in a Chateau de Pommard, just like it is in most of the wineries that host tasting events. You will not have any problems with communication, so look around the Internet and find the one you like the most based on the quality of offer and beauty of the area.

vineyard burgundy

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Are Must-Try

This area of France is famous for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, so make sure to try those in the first place. Whether you go for Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, which is one of the most expensive producers of the area, Domaine Leflaice, which is said to produce the best white wine, above-mentioned Chateau de Pommard or anything else, you will not regret a single sip.

Don’t Forget to Wander Around

Since you are in Burgundy, do not miss wandering around and enjoying the area – which is stunning. I enjoyed breathtaking sunsets, visited some historical places, such as Hospices de Beaune, and walked through many vineyards and villages. You’ll feel like you are in a romantic movie or something, so Burgundy is most certainly the perfect place for vacation. But, before you go there, check the guides (here is a fantastic source), read what people claim to be the most interesting, and find other useful articles like (hopefully) this one.


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