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‘Vedi Napoli e poi muori!’

A saying that literally translates as ‘‘see Naples and die!’’. The culture rich city is the dream for those of us who took literature in high school. Shakespeare’s ultimate play “The Tempest” was based off one of the most vibrant city in Italy, Naples. The historical city offers one of the best vacation destinations of all time. With a number of castles and churches to pass the time, but if you’re a foodie like me I highly recommend trying of the authentic restaurant’s, that are put up to offer. Kids and adults alike are bound to enjoy the Naples zoo and beach amongst other attractions.

Exclusively Italian:

Let’s face it we all come to Italy for the food more importantly the Italian food, none of that burgers and fries nonsense, when in Naples its pizza and pasta. Naples finest restaurants in my experience “Mino Pizzeria, Bar and Ristorante” which is by far the most authentic as it can get. Their rustic wood fired pizza has the taste of Italy in every bite. However, for those of us who like a little taste of home in Italy I highly recommend the Alberto’s on Fifth restraunt which gives a five star American cuisine experience, with a Neapolitan twist.  

Fun for all:

One thing Naples has ample off is leisure spaces, for all of us whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, married or single, trust me when I say there is a place for you in Naples. For kids the Naples zoo may not sound so awesome but once you get a hold of the attractions it’s easy to get taken away.     

naples italy cloudsurfing           

If the zoo isn’t your forte maybe the beach is, Naples beaches’ are renowned all over Italy for being a cultural melting spot. Everyone loves the beach and rightfully so, but Naples beaches, quite frankly will blow your mind.  However, if you’re looking for something that will really take you into another dimension try visiting the Palazzo donn’Anna castle, which is by far the oldest and coolest looking castle you will ever see. Ancient folklore states that the ghost of two lovers whose marriage failed wanders the halls of the castle. However, on a side note be sure to check out the sunrise from the castle I swear to you it will be an unforgettable experience. The castle isn’t on any typical tourist destination but that doesn’t mean it isn’t short of surprises, offering a kayaking experience too.

Once in a life time places:

Amongst Naples finest places the La Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Anime Del Purgatorio ad Arco church which might sound like a mouthful, but also might just take your experience on another level the church is the real life representation of purgatory and quite literally is two churches mirroring each other, one on the surface level and the other on the bottom.

At the end:

Alas it’s the end your trip to Naples and you’re looking for a final partying moment to make your trip all the worthwhile. If you’re in town in September you’re in for a treat as the annual Festa di Piedigrotta (“Piedigrotta Festival”) will be happening the festival is sure to make your last moments truly memorable as throughout the month, a series of musical workshops, concerts, religious events and children’s events are held for the entertainment of the citizens of Naples.



The city on 7 hills:

The jewel city of the Italian public has a lot to offer as a travel destination for all. The eternal city is the cultural paradise of Italy. There is a little something for everyone in Rome, as the saying goes when in Rome do as the romans do. Like all Italian cities Rome has a rich history, the renowned capital of the Roman Empire is not short of historical buildings and has wonderful places to visit.


Rome has numerous hotels for a variety of price ranges for the best price I would recommend the NH Collection Roma Vittorio Veneto which is just one of many hotels that offer a dynamic experience in Rome.

Food Guide:

Much like any other Italian city the true experience of Rome is in its pasta. The city of 3 million strong are known to make every sort of pasta known to man, restaurant’s like the  Salumeria Roscioli and the Pizzarium offer authentic as well as flavorful food.

Hidden Gems of Rome

Domus Aurea

The golden house of Emperor Nero is just one of the many prime examples of Rome’s rich history the grand palace is one of the oldest buildings in and is truly beautiful. The magnificent architecture is a testimony to the leaders of the Roman Empire as it is still standing today, built after the great fire that destroyed Rome it truly a sight to behold.

Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri

This old marvel is a one of many basilicas in Rome. However, don’t let this church from the outside mislead you as you walk inside you come to the realization it’s a fragment of a frigidarium, or in other words a cold pool room of an ancient bathhouse. These baths are in fact the largest in Rome and is incorporated all over the city.



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