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If fish and chips from Scotland’s seaside make your test buds dance, just wait until you visit this small eatery in Mission Viejo, California. Fish and chips can be greasy or more breaded crust than fish. Here at Dublin 4, the fish is sultry and thick and the dipping sauce is obviously a well thought out compliment. We’ve visited Ireland and Scotland, so we know a thing or two about fish and chips.

The space is a take on an Irish Bar with wine sophistication. Dining here, you will encounter a cast of characters. A table of businessmen making deals, shaking hands, and following it up with a shot. A couple of ladies immersed in conversation and wine. A slightly over middle-aged couple holding hands, laughing and connecting over a late afternoon lunch. It’s casual, fun, and serious all at the same time. Really, the kind of place you can always count on.

A no bullshit food review of Dublin 4 Gastropub

It can often be surprising to find a gastro pub serving noteworthy cuisine. The burger is hearty, with Texas-size flavor, and the mussels are intoxicating. We would recommend the place for lunch, a casual night out, or happy hour. Good for a group, friends, one on one, or late afternoon let go of the day and enjoy an adult beverage of your choice. Not a spot for children.

The service was good, however would be curious to see wait times when the restaurant is packed. Dublin 4 is small, and guessing it could tend to get crowded fast during peak times. Life is about balance, it’s ok to splurge once in a while. If we lived there it would be a tempting self-indulgent lunch spot to discuss upcoming food review travel.

It’s not kale, its the real deal- that oh so satisfying comfort food.

Advice, go hungry, enjoy a drink, and live a little.

What we love.

Fish and chips.

Easy-going atmosphere.

Dublin 4

26342 Oso Parkway

Mission Viejo, CA 92691


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