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We love the concept at this made to order, seat yourself and bus your own table eatery in the heart of West Asheville. With a coffee/dessert bar, food bar, and wine and spirits bar, you have options for all times of the day. The vibe, very Brooklyn, with minimalistic decor, it feels like a place to be.

Over lunch, we split a half bottle of wine, a cool option- they even sell them to go, along with snacks, kombucha and more. The cocktail menu is super creative and worth going back for to try during happy hour. Your choice of menu selections is quite diverse. The problem, one dish was over-seasoned, making it hard to distinguish the ingredients, even when referring to the menu.

BimBeriBon is on to something with their tagline, “Real Feelgood Food”. Expressing food is your source of energy. You are what you eat, therefore the Chef has prepared a menu of ingredients to encourage living your life to the fullest, “At BimBeriBon, we want you to live your best, and we believe that starts with good food. But we want it to be delicious too! So our menu is full of only real, feelgood food.”

Beautifully stated, however the meal was not worth the calories for us. Food resembling South China street food is a new and eclectic concept for Asheville, however the taste does not live up to its welcoming, community vibe. It is on point with healthy, green, superfood concept, but I am wondering if all the salt in our dish coincides with their mission to serve balancing, fueling food.

We have been twice, and both times feel the same. Of three dessert items tasted, all were dry and hard to eat. While the presentation is lovely, we feel their needs to be more attention to quality control.  

BImBeriBon is good for a quick bite, not a stay a long time and savor your meal kind of place.  

BimBeriBon Asheville

Things to Love:


Cool Open Refrigerated Snacks To Go

Cocktail Menu



697 Haywood Rd

Asheville, NC 28806

8 am — 8:30 pm  Monday to Thursday and
8 am — 9 pm  Friday & Saturday and
8 am — 2 pm on Sunday


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