Moët & Chandon’s Ice Imperial, The Perfect Beach Champagne

Do you love #champagne? How about the beach? If you said yes to both of these, you must be “in the know” about Moët & Chandon’s Ice Imperial. Champagne made for the hot weather, and sunny side up beach days.

I know you are asking yourself, is it not always champagne weather? The answer is yes, however the difference, this specific champagne is designed to be enjoyed over ice. (Insert happy beach day dance here)

“Life is better with bubbles”, is my motto, making it easy for me to say that champagne is my thing. So, I put Ice Imperial to the test.

I ordered a champagne glass of ice at one of my favorite Mexico Boutique hotels, Rosas & Xocolate. Eyebrows may have been raised, however they delivered the unusual request to me poolside. Pop went the champagne at my private Ice Imperial pool party.

My expectations were high. Friends from the tourism industry in Puerto Vallarta had mentioned this champagne was a must during a meeting where a bottle of Veuve Clicquot was consumed, so I knew they had good taste.

To my delight, it was not just good sipping champagne… It was phenomenal. It’s now my go to adult beverage on the beach. Kiki colada (key lime pina colada) move over, you’ve been replaced.

How can I describe the taste? It is delicate, yet the the perfect blend of a sophisticated bubbly

with a hint of fireworks dancing from the tip of the tongue to your brain.

If I were a champagne, I’d want to be Ice Imperial. I’d live at the beach, always be cooled by perfect ice cubes, and emerge with wonder as though I were a dolphin dancing in the ocean.

Moët & Chandon, cheers to you. This incredible champagne has stolen my heart. My only regret, I can’t find it in the states, and must only indulge during international travel…

Can you ship me a case?

Forever yours,

Mandy “the cloudsurfer” Murry


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