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Australia is one of the most fascinating and highly-developed countries in the world. Although this island is far from the other continents, it’s no less attractive. In fact, this land down under is one of the most visited countries in the world. And it’s no wonder if we take into consideration all the mesmerizing nature, scenery, and God-given wonders there.

You can inhale the vibe of the cosmopolitan metropolises, the peace of the dazzling beaches and the ocean, and get to know the wildlife. There’s just too much magic in this land that no one can resist. If you doubt whether or not flying over the ocean is worth it, let us show you it is with these top 5 reasons.

Sydney Australia 
Copyright: Pixabay / author: pattyjansen / I License: CC0 Public Domain

Copyright: Pixabay / author: pattyjansen / I License: CC0 Public Domain

The Shiny Cities

You can’t go to Australia and not visit at least some of its beautiful cities. Sydney and Melbourne are the two most visited and most famous cities in this country. That somehow makes them must-see places.

If you are staying at Harbour Rocks hotel you will definitely see what makes this city magnificent. From its enormous architectural wonder, the Sydney Opera House, to its Harbour Bridge, to all the enchanting beaches close to the city, and the Blue Mountain nearby. You can also have a cup of coffee or dine in the famous local restaurants and cafes. Or you can just enjoy its vibrant culture, pulsating ambience, and all the other things this city offers.

Melbourne, although not as famous or as tourist-filled as Sydney, it’s definitely the second city you must visit. Being the cultural capital of the country, Melbourne has lots of places you should see, such as the National Gallery of Victoria, as well as many theatres and museums.  

The Natural Wonders

Apart from its fascinating cities, Australia is also known for its numerous natural wonders. One of them is the Great Barrier Reef located in Queensland. It’s the greatest reef in the world, with thousands of different species you can explore by snorkelling, scuba diving or flying over with helicopter or a seaplane.

Another wonder you will find there is the magnificent and sacred Uluru, a massive sandstone monolith located in the Northern Territory. Then, there is the famous Kakadu National Park, the kingdom of tropical biodiversity. This park is home to countless unique animals, including endemic and endangered species. It’s also home to several natural features, such as the massive termite mounds and the Jim Jim Falls.

If you a staying at some of the romantic hotels Melbourne, you can drive down the Great Ocean Road to see other natural wonders. Along the road, you will see the Twelve Apostles, the London Arch, as well as many beaches. You will also be accompanied by green scenery which is more than welcomed when driving on this long road with twists.

The Unique Aussie Lifestyle

If you are looking for a peace of heaven on the Earth, this is it. Once you step on this land, you won’t like to go back. Its laid-back, relaxing atmosphere, cool vibes, the Aussies’ friendly nature, and their vibrant art scene make Australia the perfect place to live peacefully. Who wouldn’t like to live a relaxed life, spend their days by the ocean or enjoy the outdoor activities, which are the must-do thing there?

5 Reason To Visit Australia

Copyright: Pixabay / author: flok85 / I License: CC0 Public Domain

The Beaches

Yes, the beaches! Australia has so many captivating beaches that it’s impossible to miss them. The best thing of all is that these beaches are only 10 to 30 minutes from the city. Isn’t it amazing to make up in the morning, grab a coffee, and go for a swim? It sounds perfect.

Some of the most beautiful beaches are Bondy Beach in Sydney, Whitehaven Beach near the Great Barrier Reef, and the legendary Kirra Beach. There is also the Hyams Beach which is famous for having the whitest sand in the world. And, there is the glaring Cable Beach in Broome.

The Adventure Opportunities

Australia not only offers impeccable beaches, perfect ocean waves, natural wonders, and fascinating cities but also unimaginable adventures. Due to its rich nature and numerous attractions, this country offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Namely, you can snorkeler in the Great Ocean Reef, hike the Blue Mountains, surf the diverse coastlines, sail in the Whitsundays, or fly over with a helicopter. Simple said Australia is a true adventure paradise.

Well, those are only the top 5 out of the many reasons for visiting Australia. As you can see this country has everything for everyone, so there’s no chance not to enjoy your stay. From crowded cities to wild nature, to charming beaches, music events, and chilling lifestyle, you can probably find whatever comes to your mind. If you want to experience this one-of-a-kind island, all you have to do is book a plane ticket and a hotel. And, yes, enjoy your holiday.


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