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Behind the gates of La Caille in Salt Lake City, a swan gracefully floats across a pond, and you quickly become enchanted with the surroundings. The immediate feel of your surroundings is very majestic and palace like. The French restaurant produces its own wine, offers beautiful event space, and has been serving guests for over 20 years. The ambience appears as perfection, yet there is a slight disconnect to the elegance it portrays. Visiting on three separate occasions, the experience was underwhelming. Why? First the noise. Seated next to an intimate fireplace, words spoken at the table could not be heard due to the over zealous voices from surrounding guests. Not representing a true French experience, of quiet and refined. There is a place to be drunk, this is not it.

la caille utahLet’s move on to the appetizer’s- trying the caviar and foie gras, which only seems appropriate for this type of cuisine and experience. There was a notable difference in the service once we placed an order for caviar, as though the more you spend the more attention you will get, which in my opinion should not be like this. All guests are created equal- looking to enjoy a meal and the atmosphere. Caviar (American Hackelback Sturgeon- $110) is an acquired taste for many and something we quite enjoy, yet this serving was just ok. The foie gras ($20) was simply not worth finishing, which is something not said often. From the entrance to the table, impressive. From ordering to appetizers a 180 degree difference.

So let’s discuss main dishes. Over a few visits to be sure this review is spot on, there were several menu items consumed, including the bone-in Filet Mignon, Dry-Aged Tomahawk Steak, and the Duck. The Dry-Aged Tomahawk was absolutely worth every bite, and a special that is not always on the menu (Approx $200). I would love to know the secret in-house dry aging process and how many days aged the steak devoured was. It was beautiful. Expecting the Bone-In Filet to beat out it’s predecessor, it was a disappointment when it did not. It was slightly overcooked for our liking (we enjoy medium rare). The flavor was nice, however the accompanying sauce took away from the natural flavors of the protein. If you love an accompanying steak topping, ask for the special blue cheese sauce.  The duck is nice, not overly memorable compared to the others.

la caille salt lake city

Overall the restaurant is a 3 1/2 star. The dishes simply don’t pair with their respective price or elegant surroundings. The wine list is extensive and offers something for every budget. It almost pains to write that the architecture and landscape is the reason to visit La Caille. The one thing we did not experience at the restaurant is Sunday Brunch, something said to be incredibly lovely.

What we love

Landscape / Architecture is Stunning

Dry-Aged Steak

La Caille

9565 Wasatch Blvd.

Sandy, UT 84092


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