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Visiting a new place is always fun but the questions on the basic survival terms always bring tiny worry chills in the tourists.

The questions of the ease of getting travel documents, the reception of the people in the new place being visited, the accommodation, the meals, the currency and the road map among others makes many tourists resolve to use agencies to plan their travels.

However, even if one is using a travel agency to make arrangements, it is safer to have background knowledge for backup in case of future problems or references. Travel Arrangements, Guides, and Accommodation.

Most tours in Bhutan are arranged by the registered and certified travel operators in Bhutan. The information of these operators is always online and one can verify whether the selected operators are registered through their home embassies.

The operators can organize for the visa that only takes one week to process when all the due funds and documents are presented. The payment and travel documents should be scanned and sent to the selected operator. The operators would also link the traveler to registered tour guides upon arrival. The guides are trained culturally, modern tour knowledge, all the major languages including English, German, French, and Thai. Accommodation in Bhutan is divided into sections depending on what the tourists prefer.

There are hotels that have star conditions, from 3star to 5star. They also offer guesthouses. There are various resorts in the villages and towns across the kingdom. For those tourists looking for a family or home adventure, there are selected families that host tourists in their homes and on their farms as well. The homes vary from the noisy, upbeat town life to the calm, quiet, and tranquil village life.

The hospitality of the Bhutan people is way up above the bar. They also offer traditional homemade meals for their guests. Accessing Bhutan can be accessed through road or air. Both ways are fun and adventurous in its own way. Initially, the only way it could be accessed was on foot through the Southern Jungles or the Northern Mountains. It was almost impossible. Today, the roads in the South has a clear road network through Phuentsholing, Gelepu, Samdrup Jongkhar among others.

They are long drives between 6 and 10 hours. The beauty of the sceneries on the roads can make a great stop overviewing all the way to the capital. The air network is also very good. There are several domestic airports and international ones flying their planes to and from Bhutan. The destinations include Bangkok, Bagdogra and Singapore among others.

The mountain flying that draws the planes as low as near the mountain tops during fine weather, is also a breathtaking event. The common spectacular flying is through the Paro international airport, with the attractive Paro valley closer to the mountains tops. One is able to see the tops of the highest mountains in the world including Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kangchenjunga.

Seven Things to do in Bhutan

Bhutan is a place of that quenches the touring thirst. It is full of vast adventures that satisfy people across their interests. It cuts across religious tours, academic tours, historical tours, trekking, water fun, air adventures, sightseeing and mountain climbing among others.

Here are some of the elaborate touring activities that one can engage in during their visits in Bhutan: Meditation retreats Bhutan is known for its serene and tranquil environment. The climate, landscape, and peaceful environs attract many tourists who just need time to unwind and restructure their lives.

It doesn’t have to be religious just a relaxing moment. There is a vast range of staying to choose from as mentioned earlier varying from the quiet country life, to the lively city jingles. The homes offer the tourists a treat of hospitality and healthy homemade meals in addition to the fresh air that is not only therapeutic but also refreshing.

The visits to various Dzongs and nunneries even if it is not for spiritual recollection offers the peace that lacks in the lives of many people who wish to get the peace they require. Religious retreats and pilgrimages famous Buddhist religion is vastly practiced in Bhutan. It is a source of pride and rich historical background that has attracted millions to the Kingdom to have a preview of what actually goes on.

There are several monk retreats lined up with oak and Rhododendron flower trees not to mention the glowing pines especially during the summer and spring seasons. There are many temples strewn all over the kingdom like the Cheri monastery and Lhakhang Nunnery. Tango Buddhist Institute would also be a great source of religious information and experience to many tourists.

The Tango Monastery has been a religious site since the 12th century since it offered sanctuary to many monks who introduced the beliefs in Bhutan. Sightseeing and hiking viewpoints in Bhutan are mind-boggling. From the flights going as low as any other flights in the world over the five highest mountains in the world, to the Paro valley that steals the breaths of all landscape lovers.

The fields and vast farms are also a source of eye delight. The sight at the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, punctuated with the steep walk up the 900 meters hill, the pony riding, and the Paro valley view, not forgetting the waterfall view are all natural wonders. The long scene coated drives from one point of attraction to the other, with the mysterious forest assortment, plain views and valley sights add the spice to the trips. For the landscape lovers, across the seasons, Bhutan satisfies the thirst for nature and its beauty, in a meticulous arrangement that leaves the viewers yearning for more. The mountainous landscape offers the best cycling adventure in the world for cyclists. The forests, pasture lands, the rich meadows, and valleys make it easy to create adventurous trails. The land gradient is also safe for cycling and the views punctuating the trails makes it more fun.

Historical adventures Bhutan had been initially detached from the rest of the world up to the 20th century, in the 1960s. For this reason, there is always a curiosity attached to the Kingdom. The richness of history is still fresh and unadulterated, unlike many kingdoms and nations that embraced civilization at an early age.

The history of the people, ranging from their customs and beliefs, their way of life, their religious practices, their political reigns and exchange of power among others, is an ocean for the history sponges. The Bhutan National Museum is the mother of all Bhutan History. It has information from the monarchy rulings, the overthrows, and the kings who reigned with power, the legends of Bhutan and is rich in the methodology of the people. Other sources of history would be the Folk Heritage Museum and the famous National Memorial Chortens.

The many temples in the kingdom were built in honor of religious figures and political legends who left a mark in the history of Bhutan. There is a story behind everything of interest that exists in this historically rich kingdom. Bhutan’s are also kind and less reserved with their culture. Historical documentaries can be developed, with believable facts that are minimally eroded. The villages and towns that range all the way to the medieval with the historical beliefs as well. The famous Devine Madman’s Monastery known for its fertility shrine is a great tourist attraction. People receive fertility blessings up to date from this shrine.

Architectural and Land Marking Visits Most of the buildings and structures that are dedicated to tourism attraction have a special architectural story and design. The buildings on the slopes of the Himalayas, the museums, Dzongs, monasteries, and temples have a unique architectural background each. Some were designed by legend architectures and even though they have been destroyed by earthquakes and other disasters, they have been restored to their original designs for historic preservation. The rich woodwork in buildings is also a source of wonder for many architects.

The Tiger’s Nest, The Punakha Dzong, Zuri Dzong, The Uma Paro Hotel are just but a few of the wonder-filled architectural buildings. The wooden bridges and the two male and female rivers are great landmarks. The fact that in Bhutan, there are four of the five highest mountains in the world makes it quite an exotic landmark of the world.

Bhutan Festival Visits.

There are people who derive pleasure in the festivities of various cultures. Other than the Mexican cultural festivals and Asian Festivals, the Bhutan Festivals are just out of this world. In the times when they are celebrating their cultures and traditions, the tourists flood the Kingdom.

Who doesn’t want to see the traditional dances, the pomp in the traditional dressing, the staged wars and pony rides, the colors, sculptors, the music and the food made especially for the festivals? It is a lively time that can be thrilling for traditional fun lovers. The famous Tshechu Festival is held annually in all religious spots in the Kingdom. There are mask dances socializing and receiving of Blessings taking place. The festivals take place mostly in Paro and in the capital Thimphu.

Vacations ought to be life changing but most importantly uniquely memorable. The question attached to many vacation trips is: what is the new unique experience?

Everybody would be looking for that one thing that is unique and different, from the rest of the tours and vacations they have already had. Combining the great adventures of The Bhutan Kingdom marks many vacations.

This means that one needs to dedicate like two to three weeks of arranged back to back activities that will leave adventurously fulfilled.

These activities would be:

The fascinating crane watching– the best time would be when they preparing to roost. Many people, especially bird lovers stream in Bhutan to watch this natural wonder.

Kayaking and rafting– this is done on the male and female rivers that are distinct from one another by the color of their water.

Cycling– the whole family can go on a cycling sightseeing tour for a day, the trails are always lined up with people making it fun and adventurous. The scenes are also very attractive especially during spring and summer when the pines and other trees are blooming.

Hot spring therapy– this is not just medicinal but therapeutic. Swimming in warm water, bring in the hot steam and the wonders of the natural heat jets never cease to amaze the tourists.

Flora and fauna sights– sights of the glowing trees and the flowers are just breathtaking. The wild animals in the vast forests of Bhutan including the wild mountain goats are always a good sight.

These are just some of the few treats that one can give themselves when taking a vacation or touring the Bhutan Kingdom. It is a change from the common beach treats and island fun. Pieces of moments in various places in the kingdom leave a permanent memory on the person touring the place. In conclusion, fun is self-made.

Understanding exactly what you expect and getting even more of it, is always sweetly surprising. Arranging for tours is not easy and it is costly sometimes that’s why some of the travel agency of Bhutan made this possible an easy such as BookMyTour. People save up, make sacrifices and even spending to get that one time, lifetime experiences. With proper planning and open-mindedness to adventure and new experiences, the Bhutan Kingdom one of those destinations that will you yearning for a return tour.



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