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Old blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, dined at this Palm Springs classic- Melvyn’s. Charm felt upon arrival, we were greeted by the Maître D in a well-pressed tux style suit, standard among the wait staff here. The elegance is timeless, reminding of how it may have been when Sinatra and the Rat Pack enjoyed the popular French classic, Steak Diane. (Sinatra’s favorite according to legend and the menu.)

Melvyn's Palm Springs

The soft blush chairs are inviting and offer a hint of classic retro, pairing well with the crystal chandeliers. Dining here, jackets are required, which also brings back something lost in a world where anything goes in many four and five star dining experiences.

Let’s move on. Housed within the perimeter of boutique hotel, Ingleside Inn, take time to admire the open air courtyard with palm trees painted against the picturesque mountain backdrop. And do not pass up on the chance for a drink in the lounge or some piano entertainment.

Melvyn's Palm Springs Steak Dianne

In terms of ambience and service, Melvyn’s is 5-Star all the way. And, this is where an international food reviewer has to not let the ambience sway the food. When a restaurant is on track for a perfect score, and a dish arrives that is too salty, dry, or garlicky, it’s a buzz kill. Period. When one ingredient overpowers, it is hard to discern all of the flavors meant to be explored. If a protein is slightly dry it does not leave that smooth as butter, in our case wine, heavenly intoxication of the palate. We experienced both. Fluke thing or not, not every dish was perfect.

Melvyns Steak Diane

Something to brag on, the table side mushroom and cognac sauce prep for the Steak Diane selection. It’s a fun addition and tradition for this restaurant operating since the 1920’s.

Crab Cakes Melvyn's Palm Springs

The menu offers a diverse selection. Crab cakes for the appetizer were spot on, and will assume the oysters are as well. The main dishes consumed were good, not perfection. Melvyn’s take on cheesecake is unique. Topped with a slice of orange and pink grapefruit bites, it is a nice twist on a classic, tasting a bit like a first kiss of summer. Would we go back? Absolutely. The experience alone is worth the visit.

Perfect for date night, groups, or enjoying a classic martini at the bar alone. Not recommended for children .

Overall, Melvyn’s receives 4 stars. Reservations recommended/almost required.

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Service – ?

Level of Class.


200 Ramon Rd.

Palm Springs, CA 92264



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