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Gozo island is an excellent place to spend a week-long vacation in the Maltese archipelago. The island is filled with numerous attractions including beaches, historical sites, museums, village squares, restaurants and more. With all that Gozo has to offer, a week may not be enough to satisfy your Gozitan needs.

Fortunately, Gozo is a relatively small island that you can fairly explore in a couple of days. If you don’t have an itinerary yet, we highly suggest you take these following attractions into consideration if you want to get a full Gozo experience.

Ġgantija Temples Gozo

Take a Historical Trip

Ġgantija Temples

The Ġgantija Temples is the oldest structure standing in the Maltese archipelago. It was thought to be built back in 3600 BC to 3000 BC. You will find it at the southern part of Gozo right on the hill south of Xagħra. It’s a great place to soak in some rich Gozitan history. What’s more is that it offers great views of southern Gozo.

Il-Kastell GozoIl-Kastell

Another Gozitan structure that has stood the test of time is Il-Kastell. This historical attraction dates back from the 15th century. It was developed by Phoenicians and then became a Roman town. Just like the Ġgantija Temples, the Il-Kastell also offers spectacular views over the island of Gozo. It’s a great place to appreciate Gozo’s stunning horizon.



Visit Gozitan Museums

Heart of GozoHeart of Gozo

This small museum is home to several artefacts including treasures that belonged to the Basilica of St George. There you will find old lamps, coins, and scraps of silver that weight as much as a shekel.

Archaeology Museum

Another cool Gozitan museum filled with interesting finds is the Archaeology museum. In there you will find 3000-year-old carvings from the Ġgantija Temples. You’ll also find a 5th century skeleton, bronze age jugs, and Phoenician amulets.

Gozo Nature Museum

This museum houses a variety of exhibits that shows the geology of Gozo. One of the most interesting and terrifying pieces you will find in Gozo’s nature museum is the huge tooth from a Megalodon shark.

Go Beach Bumming or Diving

Dwejra Bay GozoDwejra Bay

Dwejra Bay is the place to be if you’re in for a day or two of diving. It is home to the Fungus rock and Blue Hole. Diving around Dwejra bay will have you viewing aquatic wonders in the form of colorful corals and underwater caves.

San Blas Bay

Looking for some serenity and relaxation? San Blas Bay may be the perfect beach for you. It doesn’t get much crowded because of the challenging steep terrace you’d have to walk through to get to its red sandy beach. But don’t get dismayed by the 15-minute walk down to the beach. It’s clear shallow waters and peaceful ambience will surely make the walk worth your while.

Ramla Bay GozoRamla Bay

If you want to visit a popular Gozitan tourist spot, you can never go wrong with Ramla Bay. This is probably the prettiest and most popular beach in Gozo. With its red-gold sands and clear blue waters, it has easily become a favorite of tourists looking for a fun day at the beach with friends and family.

Eat at Famous Gozitan Restaurants

Restaurant Ta’Frenċ

Just 1.5 km at the south of Marsalforn lies Restaurant Ta’Frenċ. It’s a 200-year old farmhouse that was turned into a fine Gozitan restaurant. It’s a great place to enjoy Italian, French, and Maltese dishes. They even offer an award-winning wine list.

It-Tokk GozoIt-Tokk

One of the most popular restaurants in Gozo is It-Tokk. This cozy restaurant offers great views of the village square. It’s mostly known for serving traditional Maltese dishes including bragioli and rabbit stew. So if you’re looking to taste authentic Gozitan cuisine, this is the place to eat.


Gozo is filled with so much many attractions that you will want to explore once you get there. Make sure to include the destinations we mentioned above in your itinerary to see and experience the best that Gozo has to offer.


If you want to know, what is going on in Gozo during your week there, check out the Gozo calendar.

Contributed by: Esther Bajada- Director for Tourism and Economic Development at the Ministry for Gozo and is part of the visitgozo.com team that promotes Gozo as a holiday destination.


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