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For being located in a strip mall next to Winn Dixie, this South Vero Beach eatery is doing something right. With a little effort Fire and Wine could become an “It” place. The ambience is inviting, with low lighting and a bit of hectic energy in the fast-paced environment. Our waiter, Michelangelo, was fun and kept up with the pace. Spot on with their super-friendly greeting, the only thing, the waiting area is quite cramped.

While the swordfish special had a ton of thought put into its presentation, (color, texture, temperature) the short rib plate was a pile of brown food. Come on! Throw some fresh herbs on there, maybe a few tomatoes!!!! We commend the use of local fish and produce and diversity of menu options. Portions are large and selections range from $27-$30.

If you are looking for cocktails this is not the place. No liquor is a bummer, but hey, liquor licenses are expensive. Have a cocktail at home before you go. It’s a drive though. Without liquor, the wine list needs to be sorted out and on point. While there is a wine list available to look at, they don’t have all the selections, at least the first three wines we chose to order.

swordfish vero beach fire and wine

Again, the swordfish was excellent and presentation was dope. Almost too much going on but enjoyed it… We also had the short ribs cooked with balsamic collard greens which overpowered the protein. Served on a ricotta pancake, it was less than exciting.  Have to mention the arugula salad. One as a garnish, the other served as a side with asparagus. Both so overdressed with Green Goddess we couldn’t eat it.

Oh, but the Pecan Crusted Crab Cheesecake was so freaking delicious, it is almost worth the $50 Uber ride just for that.

For what Fire and Wine is doing we can accurately give them a three-star rating, however with a little bit of effort, this could be a solid four star experience. Come on guys, it’s the little things…

What we love.

Low key with pretty good food… Different from most offerings in the area

Be ready for a $50 Uber ride. Not sure it’s worth it

Fire and Wine

2950 9th St SW #105  Vero Beach, Florida

Tuesday-Sunday:  5:00pm- 9pm  /  Closed Monday


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