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There are a lot of breathtaking places in Canada, and many of the ones that get the most attention deal with the country’s natural beauty. National parks, mountainous getaways, etc. make Canada an extraordinary place for sightseeing. Some of the bigger cities around the country also make for wonderful vacations, however, and we’d count Toronto among them.

Located on the edge of Lake Ontario just across from New York, Toronto can almost feel like a city in two countries at once. With a Canadian location and background, plenty of cultural ties to the U.S., and a reputation as something of an international hub for business and travel, it’s truly got a little bit of everything. To hit the highlights though, we’ve picked out five great things to do there.

toronto tower1. Scale The CN Tower

The CN Tower dominates the Toronto skyline and was once the single tallest tower in the world. In fact, depending on what list you look at, it may even be included as one of the modern wonders of the world! In a way the most thrilling way to experience the CN Tower is from afar, gazing up at it from different vantage points in the city. But you can also enter the tower as a tourist and access various observation decks. One is known as the “glass floor room,” though the SkyPod is the main attraction. It’s over 1,400 feet above ground level, which makes it almost unique in the world as an observation deck. Needless to say it’s a thrill to visit and the views from the SkyPod are incredible.

Toronto Fort York2. Tour Fort York

Fort York isn’t necessarily much to look at, but if you’re the type to appreciate history when you travel, it’s a necessary stop. Established in 1793, it’s the most historic site in Toronto, and has played a key role in several wars dating back to the 18th century. Because it’s attached to numerous eras and there have been efforts made to keep it preserved, you’ll see bits and pieces of fortifications and warfare from much of North American history. Additionally, parts of the fort offer a pretty nice view back of the city (and of course the CN Tower).

Toronto Island Ferry3. See The Toronto Islands

Most of the best cities in the world offer some kind of park or island where you can enjoy a respite. In Toronto, that’s the Toronto Islands. They’re three connected islands just offshore from the main city and accessible by ferry. You can enjoy activities like bike rides, beach lounging, and even a petting zoo. But above all else it’s just a pretty place to relax and catch your breath.

Toronto Sports4. See A Professional Sporting Event

The sports scene in Toronto is terrific for a number of reasons. For one thing, you’re in a country that takes immense pride in one sport – hockey – and there is a local professional team. Seeing the Maple Leafs is always a treat. Toronto also participates in two more major North American sports leagues in the NBA and MLB. The NBA’s Toronto Raptors have one of the best fan bases in the league, which always makes games exciting, and the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays play in the one of the most competitive divisions in baseball. Aside from the specifics, the Toronto sports scene is also extra enjoyable to some travelers because it can easily be bet on. Online betting takes place all throughout Canada, meaning particularly for visitors from the U.S. there’s an added dimension to watching sports, if betting is of any interest.

Toronton Kensington Market5. Eat At Kensington Market

Kensington Market is actually the name of a neighborhood, but it happens to be where a major market has sprung up over the last 100 years or so. There are all kinds of international goods put on display and sold, and nowadays there are also excellent restaurants in the area that give you a chance to stop and have a bite to eat as you explore. Sometimes it’s nice to forget about the major attractions and get a little bit of culture as you explore a city, and Kensington Market gives you a great chance to do just that.


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