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If you are lucky enough to be in Marrakech you are lucky enough, but if you are lucky enough to stay and dine at La Villa des Orangers, you are in for poetry to your senses. From stepping off the hustle and bustle of the street you are welcomed into a sanctuary, where you know you have found the oasis of Marrakech.

villa des orangers marrakech

Two dining rooms offering lovely settings to enjoy a meal. The strum of a local musician serenading from the courtyard near the fountain of roses, which was our view through walls of glass. Super attentive and friendly staff of three treated us very well and respected our wine selection. Often the menus offer a International/French side along with a Moroccan Side, this night we decided to go with French because we had experienced plenty of tangines…Boy are we glad we did.

villa des orangers marrakech restaurant

Starting with the Amuse Bouche to the creme brûlée and strawberry meringue- it was impeccable. Duck Foie Gras and Lobster Ravioli for appetizers. The Foie Gras was accompanied by artichoke heart carpaccio, an amazing combo that appeared as a valued piece of art. The Lobster Ravioli was freshly made in house and floating in a delectable lobster bisque seasoned with fennel and candied lemon.villa des orangers marrakech morocco restaurant

The wine list offered a healthy selection of Moroccan wines, which need to be explored.  As proclaimed French dining night, we ordered a bottle of the 2014 Margaux, a perfect pairing with entree choices of lamb and beef. The fillet of beef was served with fresh chanterelles and a truffle sauce, while the lamb was moist and succulent and always a good choice when in Morocco. (Sheep are freaking everywhere!)

villa des orangers marrakech boutique hotel

We have never seen creme brûlée served outside of the ramekin, however this mint enhanced dessert paired atop a disc of chocolate brioche was a lovely creation, and call us a sucker for strawberry and meringue anytime.

villa des orangers marrakech dessert

Worth it for the money? Absolutely. Every meal in Morocco was a good price. Your money will go a long way there. To get served what we consider a five-star meal in Morocco for less than $75 USD per person at Le Villa De Oranges was exactly what we had been needing to find to close the end of our travels.

What we love.

What’s not to love… perfect!

La Villa Des Orangers

6, Rue Sidi Mimoun
40000 Marrakech – MAROC


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