Staying Fit When You’re Super Busy

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Errands, deadlines, overcrowded schedules, your mother nagging you to call her, your boss dumping a stack of files to go through, your children begging to go see a movie, and there’s that doctor’s appointment, and all the chores you’ve been putting away. In such an endless stream of things to do, where on earth do we fit in a workout? We know it’s important, we know it’s all about our health, but how does one stay in shape when there’s barely any time to go to the gym? We hear you, guys, and we’re here to help. Read on for some cool exercising tips that will save you a lot of time.

Pick the right kind of exercise

You need something that’s quick, effective, and above all, something that you really like. Cardio not your thing? Then try weight lifting, or do some high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Hate going to the gym? That’s cool, stay at home and exercise there. This helps with motivation immensely because you’ll stop seeing your workouts as just another chore to shove into your schedule. Instead, you’ll be approaching it as a way to relax and get all the negative energy out. Simply pander to your interests and it’ll get easier.

Put it in your planner

Staying Fit When You’re Busy

If you don’t have a planer, get one. It’s a really good way to stay organized for busy people, and it can definitely help you make a workout plan. Write down all your obligations in advance, and then you’ll know exactly when you have some spare time to hit the gym or take a spin class.

Exercise more often

Health When You’re Super Busy

Sounds a little insane, right? How on earth do you save time by exercising more often? Well, rather than trying to fit in two or three very long workouts somewhere in the span of one week, for some people it’s actually easier to separate no more than half an hour once a day to get your exercise. That’s right, shorter and more frequent workouts are actually extremely effective, and they train your body to become naturally active and to keep moving every day.

Make exercising more effective

Regardless of what you train, it’s important to follow certain steps to make the workout more effective. Always warm up before you start, and always stretch after you finish. When you exercise, don’t let anything interrupt you, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and pick a proper post-workout snack to replenish your energy. We’d recommend taking some quality protein drinks because protein is basically the building block of our muscles – simply put, consuming it after a workout will help you have stronger muscles. It will prevent your body from breaking down muscle tissue for energy and focus on burning fat instead, and it will significantly aid the recovery.


Mind bustling with stress and worries that you can’t shake off? Hey look, it’s okay, working out can help. Maybe get on a stationary bike,

 put your headphones on, and blast your favorite tunes. You could even watch TV and catch up on a show as you sweat your way to a firm bum. Or you could, for example, combine family bonding time with exercise – get on your bikes and ride, or go rock climbing, or take very long walks. This can motivate you to keep coming back to your workout.

Hydrate through the day

Hydrate through the day

One of the simplest ways to help you stay fit is to simply drink more water. Instead of guzzling down large glasses, try sipping from a bottle instead. Simply keep one around you at all times, and then sip often. This will boost your metabolism and help you control hunger pangs. Drink more unsweetened green tea as well if you want even more benefits.

Something over nothing

Even ten minutes of exercise is better than nothing. When you’re really tired and really busy, don’t take it as an excuse to do nothing. Even if you just do jumping jacks for five minutes and running in place for the other five, it’s still better than completely giving up and doing nothing at all. And chances are, once you start something, you’ll find energy to finish a full workout.


Think about this: how important is staying in shape for you? If it’s important, then don’t worry, it’s absolutely possible even with the busiest of schedules. Follow these tips, plan your workouts and your meals ahead of time, and you’ll be fit in no time.

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