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Perhaps you have visited the USA, or have seen the wonders of Japan.  Yes, the whole world has some astonishing views, however, Australia can offer something that other continents cannot. Here, in a single day, you can go from surfing and swimming, horseback riding in the Bush or the mountains, to going back down again and drinking wine in some of the most beautiful and unusual places on the planet. Let’s take a look at what the Land Down Under has to offer:


1. Get to know Sydney…

The biggest city in Australia has to offer so much, that it’s impossible to see everything. It’s constantly growing and changing, and is home to many different possibilities – whether it is sunbathing on one of its many beaches, surfing, hiking in the Blue Mountains, or just visiting and admiring the legendary Sydney Opera House. Once you’re there, don’t miss checking out Sydney’s oldest pub – “Fortune of War” which has been working since 1828 and enjoy Australia’s history over a glass of excellent tap beer.


2. …and Melbourne

Aussies say that you’re either a Sydney person or a Melbourne person. But why not both? Melbourne is such a quirky and unusual place full of interesting cafes, museums, shops and artwork. Once you’re there, make sure to check out all the historic places Melbourne has to offer, such as the Shrine of Remembrance or the Old Melbourne Gaol. Then stop by at the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the biggest botanic gardens in the world, and after that go and have a glass of wine at one of the many wineries in the city or its outskirts.


3. Reveal the secrets of the Great Barrier Reef

Okay, you’ve snorkelled before, but if you’re thinking that because of that you should miss out on this amazing opportunity – you couldn’t be more wrong. The things Great Barrier Reef hides both above and below the water surface will amaze you. You can take a one-day trip and snorkel to see all the jaw-dropping wildlife that lives there. According to many environmental groups, the Reef is unfortunately under threat and might disappear in the next 30 years, so take this opportunity now before it’s too late.

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4. Go surfing Australian style

If you were to ask professional surfers where they like to go surfing, they would definitely include Australia in their Top 3. The Land Down Under has numerous surfing places to offer, and some of them are quite magical. One of the most popular ones is the Pass at Byron Bay in New South Wales, that offers the view of the entire bay. Even though this place is crowded with surfers, you can either choose to stay there and have a drink while waiting for your turn to surf, or get to another surfing point – God knows Australia has many of them. If you’re an amateur, you can always take surfing lessons at one of the many surfing schools.


5. Enjoy the Australian beaches

If you want to get a bit sandy in Australia – you definitely should. The best places to go swimming, and definitely the recommendations of everyone residing in Australia are the Byron Bay and the mind-blowing Whitehaven Beach. So, take your beach essentials – beach towels, flip-flops, your new and adorable Tigerlily swimwear – and head to one of those two. However, if these two bays are not in your vicinity, you can head to other wondrous beaches such as the Burleigh Heads Beach or the Bodney Beach in Sydney.

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6. Go horseback riding

Once in Australia, try not to visit only beaches and surfing points. Do something different such as horseback riding. There are many horseback riding tours on offer, and whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. The most popular one is definitely the Chapman Valley Horse Ride tour, and this is surely the place for you if you’re staying in Sydney – it’s only 2 hours driving distance. If not, you can always go to the Snowy Mountains – definitely a lifetime experience.


7. Experience the Ngadiku Dreamtime Walks

Definitely something that would be impossible to do anywhere else in the world is the Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk. If you feel like getting to know a bit more about the Aboriginal people and their history and culture, go on this tour through forests and gorges and indulge yourself in stories and legends from a long time ago. The whole tour is conducted by the local Indigenous people, and you will be taken to see different sacred ceremony sites, try out the traditional smoking ceremony and much more. The price offers good value for money and it will only last for an hour and a half.


It’s impossible to see all of these places in a short amount of time since, once you get to Australia, you’ll realize how big it is. So, choose one thing to do – be it touring a city, learning to surf, camping or hiking – and make the best of it. There will be another time when you’ll be able to do to experience more, but not even one of them is worth missing out.



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