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aka “Red Snapper”

The ‘Bloody Mary’ is a classic cocktail with a storied past – legend has it that the Bloody Mary was created in the New York style bar “Harry’s” in Paris somewhere around 1920. Americans were flocking to Paris during Prohibition, as were émigrés escaping the Russian Revolution. Americans were requesting their the “tomato juice cocktail” (simply tomato juice in prohibition days), while Russians brought along what most considered a tasteless spirit, vodka.


At the request of his customers, Ferdinand “Pete” Petiot, Harry’s bartender, began experimenting with the two ingredients, and the Bloody Mary was born. It took a few years to catch on, however by 1933 Americans were asking for the “Red Snapper” across New York. The vintage classic became the Bloody Mary many seek to enjoy over a weekend brunch.


We discovered a favorite version in our own backyard.


Asheville, North Carolina’s Strada Italiano and Social Lounge, has created their twist on the classic cocktail.


4 Easy Steps to Strada’s Italian Bloody Mary


Muddle 3 fresh basil leaves in a cocktail shaker.

Pour vodka over ice in a pint glass and add house Bloody Mary mix.

Dump into shaker with muddled basil, shake,  and transfer back into pint glass.

Garnish with pancetta wheel, fresh mozzarella, grape tomato and fresh basil leaf.


Tip: Ask for a piece of bacon to accompany this alluring craft cocktail.


Strada Italiano | Social Lounge

27 Broadway

Asheville, NC 28801



Published in NC Living Magazine : Issue 1 – Read Here

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