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A Winter's Breath,

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Bright Light City, but you are not a gambler? Thankfully, Las Vegas has so much to offer to people of various sensibilities. Its reputation as a gambling city is completely understandable but you’ll come to realize it’s a bit unfair. There are many ways to enjoy Las Vegas without gambling, and here are some of them.

Hotel without a casino

First of all, once you arrive, look for a hotel without a casino. They might seem hard to locate, but there is actually quite a number of them scattered around, including Delano and the Mandarin Oriental. Most of the hotels will come with a recreational area which includes a pool, gym, spa and sauna. Use these opportunities and other free amenities to have the ultimate hotel experience.

Gym and sauna – a one-two punch

You can begin your morning with a workout in the gym. Use the treadmill to the fullest because you’ll hardly get a chance to run once you get outside – the climate is known to be quite overwhelming. In order to prepare your body before venturing into the scorching sunshine, spend some time in the sauna after your workout. If you have time for a spa treatment and a solid massage after it, don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Visit a museum

Believe it or not, Las Vegas is home to a fair share of museums. Of course, the Bright Light City has an exceptional Neon Museum that displays an incredible showcase of neon signs from various periods and styles. Likewise, you must visit the Mob Museum, where you’ll see various items from the time of organized crime. If you are in the mood for something more “sophisticated” you can visit the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art or the National Atomic Testing Museum if you are curious about science. There are many more museums to choose from, you could fill up an entire day with these sorts of visits.

Las Vegas

See a show

Finding a show in Las Vegas is probably the easiest thing you can do. All big hotels, resorts and casinos in the city compete with each other by offering some kind of outlandish, fantastically produced entertainment. If you are lucky, you might be able to catch a performance of a big band or famous solo artist. International headliners are not rare guests in Vegas. If you are in the mood for something more “theatrical”, you can see if the Smith Center has a travelling Broadway production scheduled.

Go sightseeing

One might ask a question like – Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, what’s there to see outside of it? The answer to this question is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It’s located twenty miles northwest from the Strip. It boasts a jaw-dropping landscape of immense open skies and spectacular orange rock formations. You can also enjoy one of many outdoor activities such as horseback riding, biking, hiking, etc.

Las Vegas

Interior activities

If the sun is too strong for you, you can do a lot of “outdoor” activities in an enclosed environment. Climbing walls or indoor climbing is an obvious and popular alternative. You can also have fun with an indoor zip line or go jumping on a trampoline. It might seem silly, but this is your vacation and you should be able to release your inner child and get every crazy thing you can out of your system before returning to your everyday life.

Hit a nightclub

Throughout its history, Las Vegas has always been known as Sin City. It’s no wonder then that you can find an indulgence at every corner. If you are in a hedonistic mood and filled with energy, you can simply go out and hit a nightclub. There are as many nightclubs as there are casinos and entertainment venues around, so you won’t have to walk around too much before you stumble upon one.


Las Vegas is not the city of gamblers – it is a city of hedonists. If you know how to enjoy yourself properly, you’ll feel right at home in the Bright Light City. With so many activities to choose from, you’ll never feel like you are “stuck” in the city. In fact, there are so many fun things to do, you’ll likely lose a lot of sleep during your stay. Just be careful not to return from Las Vegas even more tired than you were before the vacation.



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