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'7 Adults-Only Romantic Places To Stay in the U.S.”

Get sun kissed, lose the stress.


Are you headed to the beach this summer for some well deserved rest and relaxation? It is the season for sandy feet, windblown hair, and endless summer days next to the deep blue. Leave your cell phone aside, soak in some fresh salty air, and let the sun kiss your skin worry free with these best beach practices.

Latergram – The purpose of hitting the sand is to leave your stress behind. It’s why Corona’s tagline is “find your beach.” Fun in the sun is the anthem of summer, so how do you stay in bliss and not get worked up? One word, #latergram. Tune out the social media updates and stay in the now. If your nose is stuck to your iphone, you are missing out on some cool things – connection with friends or family, the health benefits of the ocean, and rejuvenating your spirit and clearing your mind of the everyday noise. On the beach, I am the most interesting Mandy in the world, but the social media world does not know until I have left. (insert wink here)

Get Upbeat – Music can enhance your mood, therefore lifting your spirits and enhancing your disposition. Whether you’re looking to play some beach volleyball or relax on your Sandusa sand / water proof towel with friends or the kids, an AQSTIXwaterproof bluetooth speaker such as is the perfect pairing for a day at the beach. Whether you are sipping mocktails or cocktails, your playlist is important – keep it light, upbeat, and tune up your smile up. What’s on my playlist? A little Frank Sinatra, Chris Stapleton, Weezer, Chainsmokers, Lana Del Rey, and Jack Johnson “Escape” to name a few.


Protect Your Skin – Sun can cause visual damage to the skin, and there is alway reason to be cautious and aware of skin cancer. Proper sun protection starts with wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen. When selecting the sun protection factor (SPF) of your sunscreen, consider that SPF 15 protects skin from 93% of UV rays, while SPF 30 protects against 95 to 96%. Sunscreens beyond SPF 30 offer only a minimum increase in protection. For example, between SPF 30 and SPF 60, there is only a .1% increase in protection. Personally, I follow up my beach time with an aloe exfoliation and aloe based moisturizer (from Lexli) to keep my skin looking fresh and vibrant.

Jump In- Be the person at the pool or beach with the giant pink flamingo float tube, or the beach towel bean bag. The idea of having fun, is having fun. Letting go of the to-do list, the email’s, the text messages and staying in the moment, is about splashing in the water, laughing, and enjoying yourself. Don’t leave the beach thinking, “I should have.” If you are with kids, show them you still know how to goof off like a kid.

sandusa bean bag

Life Is Better With Bubbles – That is my motto anyway. If the opportunity presents itself indulge in Moët & Chandon’s Ice Imperial, a champagne designed to enjoyed on ice.


Summer Skin Care Essentials: the Lexli Beach Kit

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