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Cubans love their coffee. And they make their coffee so good that many Americans love Cuban coffee, even more so than their regular morning cup they get at Starbucks.

What makes Cuban coffee better than plain old American coffee? It refers to an espresso shot that is sweetened with demerara sugar while it is brewed. Cuban espresso is also darker and richer than other coffees. The Cuban coffee café isn’t just a place to grab a hot beverage; it is a culture. It is one of the best aspects of Havana culture they’ve brought with them to America.

With the heavy Cuban influence on Florida, Orlando has some of the tastiest Cuban coffee shops in the U.S. And to save you time, we’ve compiled our list of the five best Cuban coffee shops to visit during your stay in Orlando.


[Image: Zaza New Cuban Diner/Facebook]

1. Zaza New Cuban Diner

At Zaza’s, all of their coffee is locally roasted and delivered fresh. The intense full flavors will delight each of your taste buds with a rich, dark finish. A hint of smoky Cuban tobacco leaves is what makes the coffee at Zaza’s unique and leaves you with a dark chocolaty smooth finish. And while you’re here, order some breakfast. It’s served all day.

2. Havana Bistro and Cafe

This cafeteria-style line cafe offers rich, authentic Cuban coffee. One Yelp reviewer said it’s so good, that it makes Red Bull look like pablum. Havana’s also makes Cuban food and drink newbies not feel so out of place. Their menu includes explanations of each menu item so those unfamiliar with Cuban cuisine and coffees will actually know what they’re ordering.


[Image: cubancafeonline.com]

3. Los Autenticos

If you’re looking for good food and lush coffee, Los Autenticos is your place. Each latte is served in a decorative fashion that makes it as pleasing to the eyes as to your mouth. The Cuban coffee here is their personal blend. It’s rich and aromatic, making their style of coffee an exclusive and multi-sensory treat for all coffee drinkers.

4. Cafe Pinar

Notably known for its amazing cafe con leche, Cafe Pinar is a must-stop spot for coffee lovers. With a perfect blend of sweet and bitter, Cafe Pinar masters coffee in the same way Cubans master the art of dance. The food and coffee aren’t only authentic and delicious, but also very affordable. Coffee comes in around $3 per cup.


[Image: Old Cuban Cafe/Facebook]

5. Old Cuban Cafe

At Old Cuban Cafe, the cortadito is their specialty. It is a 50/50 blend of espresso and milk, which doesn’t sound like much, but your taste buds will prove otherwise. It is pre-sweetened, so there isn’t much need for any conventional sweeteners or creamers. The interior of the shop also helps add some fun flare to this Cuban spot, as it is inventive and creative while staying true to Cuban culture. Don’t miss out on this cultural treat!

For most of us, the first thing we need to know when traveling is where to get good coffee. Instead of just going to the chains that are down the street from your house, now you can check out these lusciously delicious stops to get your caffeine fix. With the infusion of Cuban and American culture, these local spots will give you an authentic place to relax and get your day started, or get your middle-of-the-day wake up call.

Now that you know the best places to get your Cuban cup of Joe, find a great place to stay. We recommend the Holiday Inn Express & Suites for an affordable and enjoyable place to rest once the caffeine wears off.

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