Hell's Backbone Grill Boulder Utah

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Do you want to experience the best food in Utah? If you said yes, let me introduce to a slice of heaven located off one of Utah’s most beautiful scenic drives. Say hello to Hell’s Backbone Grill.

The title may have you thinking, ‘biker bar’, yet this place is far from that. The restaurant, located in Boulder, Utah, is absolutely delightful, and the food, the food is divine. It’s warm, welcoming and a place you could sit on the patio all day conversing with fellow diners or getting lost in thought.

The menu is complemented by the scenery. Hues of red rock and green pine meshed with rolling farmland and open, clean air draw you in. Within steps from the restaurant are some of Utah’s most amazing hiking trails and views.

Hell’s Backbone Grill operates a small farm down a dirt road, utilizing their seasonal crops in all restaurant provisions. Owners Jen Castle and Blake Spalding have taken traditional, meshed it with culinary art, and created the melt in your mouth menu of a lifetime.

Local Utah goat cheese turned into a fondue paired with seasonal fruit and house-made crackers for dipping, was in fact one of the best things I have ever tasted. (I travel a lot, and dine with some of the world’s most amazing chefs, so don’t take this statement lightly.)

I visited Hell’s Backbone Grill for lunch, and I can’t wait to go back for a weekend. My taste buds are begging for another taste of the Backbone BLT, applewood smoked bacon, organic greens, sundried tomato jam and whipped cream cheese on house-made sage flatbread. Oh, and the small mixed green salad on the side, as fabulous as the dish.Hell's Backbone Grill Boulder Utah

My mom joined me on this road trip. She is not a “foodie”, and typically turns her nose up at the food I try or talk about from my travels. She ordered the Farmy Enchciladas. I think it changed her life. (They were pretty amazing.) My mom was raised on a farm. She understands farm fresh and good home cooking, although Hell’s Backbone Grill expanded her view on the possibilities with the perfect ingredients and touch.

The restaurant offers a full bar after 11:30 am, with libations, wines, spirits, beer and cider all available. The bottomless teapot was a great choice. Our delightful waiter Malcolm recommended the organic house tea, and it was indeed worth every sip.

When you dine at a place so extraordinary, you can’t leave without at least trying dessert. Chocolate Chile Cream Pot kissed my lips, and the rich chocolate with a hint of chimayo chile and fresh whip cream had me floating in the clouds.

It’s the perfect day or weekend escape. The drive alone is breathtaking. Add a meal or two at Hell’s Backbone grill and it feels as though you have hugged your entire being, embracing the self-love and care we all desire.

I’ll take an order of this organic soul-filled trickled with inspiration, hope and laughter anytime. If you are going to Boulder, hit me up!

Hell’s Backbone Grill is located at No. 20 North Highway 12, on the grounds of the Boulder Mountain Lodge in Boulder, Utah.


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