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How do you pick the color of your nail polish? Perhaps it is by the color of the season? Or, maybe you choose something bright for an upcoming beach trip. And, there is the idea you may choose based on your favorite colors, yet for me, choosing the color of my nail polish is based on my “Dream Bigger” motto. The color adorning my nails is based solely off of the name.

Whoever is on the team for naming the colors at O.P.I, I give you kudos. Looking at the names can bring a smile, a laugh and even the question of, what? So my secret of how I choose my nail polish colors is now public. I am not a huge fan of color on my fingernails, and why you will only see about three colors on them… and one of those is clear!  

My toes, that is another story, yet I don’t venture away too much, because I have dreams… I want to pretend my toes are walking through Paris or dancing in a Havana nightclub. You might be thinking I’m a little crazy, but I want to align my choices with my dreams. So, I give you my top three choices, because every girl needs to dream…

  1. My Private Jet – A color brought to you by O.P.I. is the perfect color for me. It reminds me of #cloudsurfing, and the memories of flying privately. There really is nothing better than driving up, getting out of your car, and boarding a plane. No TSA, no long lines, no waiting, just wheels up and surfing the clouds! It’s no secret I want a netjets type of company or plane share in my life, so this is the only dark color you will ever find on my fingernails! Thank you O.P.I. – you keep the dream alive! Soon I will be on a private jet writing my next thought-provoking article, and picking up my friends to take them to lunch in a surprise city!
  2. Chicago Champagne Toast – First, Chicago is one of my favorite cities, and I have a lot of fond memories there. In fact, it is on the list of top meetings to spark deeper passion into my career. But, then you add champagne, and it takes it to the moon. My favorite drink of choice, Champagne. Wearing this color makes me think of my story to come of the Champagne region of France, or drinking bubbly to celebrate something special. Chicago Champagne Toast by O.P.I. is a mauve color that reminds me to say yes. Cheers to new adventures, new experiences, and to all the big and little things life gives us.
  3. Bubble Bath – Now if I could start everyday with some #cloudsurfing, enjoy a glass of champagne and end the day in a huge bathtub filled with bubbles, life would be perfect. Only, it wouldn’t, because it would become mundane, and so this color reminds me to savor the daily moments. It is a neutral color, and the one you most likely see on my fingernails. It is my stay classy, go to. It’s fit for a queen, meetings at the White House, or for date night with my man.

O.P.I. continues to support my two personal favorite motto’s in life –

Life is Better With Bubbles

Dream Bigger

So, I will continue #cloudsurfing and switch my toes out for “Smokin’ Havana Nights” for my trip to Cuba or Cajun Shrimp to complement for tan skin on the beach. I’ll keep you updated on my upcoming adventures, a glimpse at what my dreams are made of by the color on my hands!

Cheers to summer manicures and pedicures!


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