Rosas & Xocolate Mérida Mexico

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There is a pink building that stands elegantly on the prominent street of Paseo de Montejo in Mérida. It’s grace, almost poetic, and when you step inside the Boutique Hotel Rosas & Xocolate, it takes your heart with one breath. Embracing with warmth of fresh-cut roses, you feel the need to explore. Behind the lobby you discover a courtyard paving the way to an intimate swimming pool, and of course the award-winning spa. The tequila bar and sitting lounge awaits conversation and stillness. The dining room, the patio, the rooftop Moon Lounge, all inviting, and perfect. And of course, we cannot forget the romance kissed upon the rooms and suites. The sisal “henequen” rope at the entrance reminds of Mérida’s Mansions past, a reminder Rosas & Xocolate has not always been portrait perfection.

Rosas & Xocolate Mérida Mexico


As a lover of old architecture, hotel owner, Carol Kolosz, fell in love with two rundown historic mansions on Merida’s Paseo de Montejo. Recently retired, Carol purchased the property, and the pipe dream of a boutique hotel began. A new life for the avenue, and a blank canvas to work with, Carol began working on this masterpiece in 2007. A team of dedicated professionals, artists, and craftsmen were assembled, where no single detail was overlooked. When asked about the project, Carol stated, “It was a decisive touch of creativity, romance, and imagination that managed to make the concept I had in mind possible.”

The image in mind, to merge traditional style using elements and distinctive materials of the Yucatecan colonial culture of the early twentieth century with European influence, without neglecting its Mayan roots.

The result, a contemporary design, trendsetting with timeless classics bringing all the senses to life, while raising the bar in the harmonious standards of a luxury boutique hotel.


Rosas & Xocolate Mérida Mexico


Awarded, “Best Architectural Restoration in Mexico” by Architectural Magazine, Rosas & Xocolate had impressed a standard for unique and total restoration of the two French mansions from conceptualization. Working with award winning Architect Salvador Reyes Rio and his partner, Josefina Larrain, the vision of the haute-public building was brought to life.Architect Salvador Reyes Rio, is perhaps the most prestigious architect in restoration of historic and cultural homes/buildings in Mexico.



The inspiration behind the name is both cultural and from the heart. Carol knew it needed to be special, and one day he had an “aha” moment. Rose, was Carol’s mother’s name. Chocolate, was discovered by the Mayans. The cacao bean was used as a form of currency exchange for the Mayans, and today the delicacy of chocolate cradles the senses at the hotel. Combining Rose, and Chocolate, the hotel was named so eloquently, Rosas & Xocolate.



Native cocoa bean, Criollo, is the passion behind chocolate factory, Ki’Xocolati. Mathieu Brees and Stephanie Verbugge, both trained in gastronomy in Belgium, developed this premium brand chocolate with 100% Mexican cocoa and ingredients. As one of the few facilities in the world that work directly with the bean, the plant in Mérida selects, roasts, husks, and refines onsite.

Ki’Xocolati is derived from Maya word ‘Ki’ meaning delicious, and Nahuatl word, Xocolate, which means chocolate. The delicious chocolate bars, soaps, and lotions can be purchased in the Rosas & Xocolate boutique at the hotel, and products can be found in the guest rooms/suites and spa of the hotel.



Hours, days, and months went into selecting the perfect color of pink for the boutique hotel. It is not everyday you see a pink building. In making the color selection, the team behind Rosas & Xocolate, studied various shades of pink. Painting patches on the building and mixing samples until perfection was reached. It could not be just any hue of pink, and Rosa Mexicana will stand timelessly as the iconic color.

Rosas & Xocolate Mérida Mexico


It is the attention to detail that whispers the welcoming embrace at Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel. From the dining flatware to the chocolate square left on each pillow, it was designed to be an experience. A place to feel at home, and for discovery. The private outdoor bath in almost every room allows for a secret indulgence. Sip rosé champagne and soak up the star-filled sky by candlelight. And it cannot go without mention, the chocolate soufflé adorned with edible crystallized rose petals from the prestigious restaurant, is a must-try. Shhh… we won’t tell anyone.



Rosas & Xocolate may be the most beautiful dream eyes have seen. A preview of the essential experiences at your Paseo de Montejo address in the city of Mérida. Indulge.


Written by Miranda Allfrey for X Magazine April 2016 Issue


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