Soberana, Mérida, Mexico

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The perfect espresso will feel as if silk were gracing the presence of your tongue. From the arabica coffee beans to the temperature of an espresso, it is rare to find perfection with this globally recognized drink. Merida is filled with cafe’s for tea, coffee, and pastries, making it the place to put a love for espresso to the test.

Far beyond the courtyards or friendly staff, a cafe that can master this sensitive drink, will capture respect from the elite coffee drinkers of the world. The first step to creating a mouth watering espresso shot (or two in my case) is the roast. The beans should be slow roasted to 470 degrees, resembling the color of chocolate. At this stage it is best if the beans rest for three days where they can breath and then be added to a grinder on the fourth day. A grinder more important than the espresso maker itself, should create smooth touch to your fingertips, rather than grainy or gritty.

cafe creme Merida mexico

Café Créme, Mérida, Mexico

My quest for the perfect blend of taste, touch, and feel, led me through Merida’s cafes to give you the secret guide to the flavor of espresso in this city. The first stop, Cafe Pistache located on Paseo de Montejo. This quaint cafe has always been a favorite among visitors and locals.The pastries are delicious, and to a non-espresso connoisseur, the shot may be great. The downside, it was too watered down, tasting more like an Americano than an espresso.

Second, Cafe Creme. The delightful french cheese selection and outdoor courtyard rank this as one of my favorite stops as a location, however I found the temperature of the espresso great, but the taste still watered down.

T Bar, Mérida, Mexico

T Bar, Mérida, Mexico

The third visit, Cafe Soberana. This spot almost escaped a tasting, until I noticed the bags of coffee beans for sale. A serious coffee lover, sells their own blends. Spotted in the window were bags of Soberana coffee for sale, which intrigued me. My guess was correct and this proved to be my third favorite of the tastings. This shot of espresso left a creamy sensation in the mouth and a perfect temperature, leaving me satisfied. As a side note, tea lovers will not be disappointed with the vast selection of teas.

Surprisingly, the espresso at the Hyatt Regency Merida compared to Cafe Soberana, and quite possibly earned a half a point more in taste.  The winner of the tasting? T Bar located at the Plaza City Center in North Merida. The bubble of the creama in this shot of espresso was fine like the bubbles of a perfect glass of Champagne, creating the perfect pairing of taste, touch and feel. If silk had a taste this would be it.

Locations of the top five espresso places in Merida:


1) T Bar

Calle 30, #185, local 17, San Ramón Norte, 97117 Mérida, Mexico

+52 999 913 8394


2) Hyatt Regency Merida 

Calle 60 344 x Calle 35, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico

+52 999 942 1234


3) Cafe Soberana

Calle 60 No. 474A Entre 53 y 55 Colonia Centro, Merida 97000, Mexico



4) Cafe Creme 

Calle 41 386-B, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico

+52 1 999 192 9565


5 Cafe Pistache

Paseo de Montejo 470

Centro, Mérida, Yuc., Mexico

+52 999 926 6039


Written for the Yucatán Times –


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