I Love You - Valentine's Day

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The heart was meant to be loved. We were meant to feel everything so deeply, to connect and listen to the beat of our hearts – slow, fast, cautious, hesitant, full… The heart does not lie. It does not pretend and it keeps life flowing through us and around us.

This is the week of candy hearts, chocolates, and roses and the stores are filled with merchandise to be given as a token of love or admiration. All of those gifts… temporary, and not a true representation of the meaning of a fluttering heart in love.

It’s the little things that fill the heart with love and hope, with dreams. The simple glances from across the room, the touch of a hand connecting with yours, a kiss on the cheek, or a hand written note atop a pillowcase, that breathe the oxygen that connects and deepens our bonds with those we love.

Many may have bruised hearts, and have turned away from the closeness love can provide. Someday they will open their hearts and will learn to dance again. Pain has deep roots, and we all have experienced pain. Often masking it to stop the beat of the music that makes our heart sing.  Covering the vulnerability to feel safe. Not allowing someone to hold you, to kiss you, to caress you, or to get close to you. To fully love and trust is to be vulnerable, opening up to someone or something else. A bruised heart takes time to heal, however it will forgive and the beat goes on. Love heals the pain of a bruised or broken heart.

This holiday week filled with sugary heart colored gifts and floral bouquets, there will be couples kissing, singles repulsed by love, dreamers hoping for that magical gift, and others disappointed by not receiving one thing from that special someone. Each of our hearts beating a different beat and needing something others may not identify with.

Love is complex, and yet so simple. Feeling the butterflies creates excitement. A heart can be filled with joy and pain at the same time. It’s the pain that helps us appreciate the all the joy.

We are all searching for love of some kind: to be heard, to be felt, and to be understood. There are many haters of this “retail” holiday. Personally, I don’t care to make a Valentine’s gift purchase because I have to or I am expected to. This holiday is not at the top of my list of favorites, however there is something beautiful about celebrating love.

Love has its own time schedule. Some people fall in love instantly, and others search for years, and some guard there hearts and never allow themselves to feel vulnerable. The celebration of love is not only between a couple, but a child, parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend, niece, nephew, and so on. There are so many reasons to celebrate love. So if you are attached or hoping to be, speak from your heart this Valentine’s. If you are single, send a note or call someone in your life that resembles life, or write yourself a love letter. This holiday does not have to be about flowers and mushy kisses, make it about someone or something you love. Something in your life that makes your heart skip a little beat at the thought.

Enjoy the love that flows from your heart. Give that love, speak that love, feel that love, and in return receive that love. Embrace love – the world could use a big embrace, so this Valentine’s embrace someone you love and pass it on.



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